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YouView and live Premier League games coming to Plusnet | CNET UK

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  • YouView and live Premier League games coming to Plusnet | CNET UK

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    YouView and live Premier League games coming to Plusnet
    By Rich Trenholm on 25 October 2013 , 4:50pm</p>
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    <p><strong><a href="">watches</a></strong> BT Sport and YouView are coming to Plusnet. The Internet service provider kicks off BT Sport's live Premier League games next month, with YouView to follow.</p><p><strong><a href="">high quality swiss replica watches</a></strong> Plusnet is holding trials over the next few months of YouView, the online-connected set-top box that puts catch-up and on-demand viewing into your telly alongside your regular channels. YouView is currently given away free by rival ISPs BT and TalkTalk. </p>
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    BT's sporting action, including 38 live Premier League and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches, will be available to Plusnet customers with Sky TV from 5 November. Online access will follow next year in case you don't have Sky.
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    For now you'll watch BT Sport through your Sky box, so you need a Sky satellite receiver box and viewing card. BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN cost £5.99 all in per month, or £7.49 per month if you want to watch your footie in crisp high definition.
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    To sign up, log in to your online account or complete a form at after 5 November -- that's a week on Tuesday.
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    Once you're signed up you're just in time to check out Tottenham v Manchester United on 1 December, Manchester City v Arsenal on 14 December, and two games on both Boxing Day and New Year's Day.
    </p><p>More than half a million people signed up to BT Sport in the first few weeks. BT Sport channels -- which show 38 live Premier League games each season, one each weekend -- are free to people signing up to BT broadband . In retaliation, Sky is offering the reverse deal , handing out free broadband to Sky Sports customers.</p><p>What's Plusnet like? Are you impressed with BT Sport? How's your broadband? Tell me your thoughts or on our Facebook page .</p>
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    anonymous 25 October, 2013 19:47
    <p>My iPhone 4S is having a wifi problem after updating 7.03 what shall I do ? It shows a grey bar in wifi bar . Connects and disconnects simultaneously .</p>
    anonymous 25 October, 2013 21:11
    <p>If only they annonced this earlier. I left PlusNet for TalkTalk for YouView</p>
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