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Swiss Space Systems Names Colo. Spaceport Its US H

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  • Swiss Space Systems Names Colo. Spaceport Its US H

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    Home News Swiss Space Systems Names Colo. breitling Spaceport Its US Home
    Swiss Space Systems Names Colo. swiss made breitling replica watches Spaceport Its US Home
    Industry News, FAA, UAV/UAS
    Proposed facility at Front Range Airport must still undergo a feasibility study.
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    October 15, 2013
    Swiss Space Systems has agreed to make the proposed Colorado spaceport east of Denver its U.S. eplica Breitling Watches On Sale home. <a href="">Replica Breitling Watches Outlet Shop</a> The planned Spaceport Colorado at Front Range Airport announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Payerne, Switzerland-based company, known as S3, last week.

    S3 aims to develop, build, certify and operate unmanned suborbital space planes to deploy small, research-oriented satellites up to 250kg. swiss made breitling replica watches The start of the test flights is planned for 2017.

    The company currently has 50 employees and its overall budget up to the first satellite launch is approximately US$275 million.

    S3’s main sponsor is Breitling SA, Swiss watchmaker and sponsor of aeronautical endeavors such as the 1999 Breitling Orbiter 3 around-the-world balloon flight, a current European aerobatic jet team, Stearman wingwalkers, and "Jetman," Yves Rossy .

    Partners include Dassault Aviation, Meggitt, Thales Alenia Space, Sonaca, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Elecnor Deimos, Spaceport Malaysia, and Space Applications Services.

    Technical advisors include the European Space Agency, Aerospacedesignlab, Stanford University; Swiss Space Center, Lausanne; Catholic University Louvain, Belgium; and Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) Moscow, Russia.

    Spaceport Colorado is a statewide initiative to create an aerospace hub at Front Range Airport in Adams County that is designed to attract high-tech research, commercial space development and eventually the creation of a horizontal launch pad for space transport.

    But the Denver Post reports the enterprise is currently undergoing feasibility and environmental studies and still must gain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration when it submits its license application by the end of the year.

    Ken Lawson, the interim director of aviation at Front Range Airport, said S3 plans to lease space at the airport.

    "I think it establishes that Colorado is a player in the spaceport industry," Lawson said.

    However, Front Range Airport must improve its runway in length, strength, and width if it wants to accommodate the company's proposed flight system.

    S3's system requires an Airbus A300 to take off from the runway with an unmanned space plane on its back, which it would then release more than 10km above Earth. Best Fake Breitling Watches Quality Guarantee The Airbus would return to the airport while the space plane boosts itself to above 80km, at which time it would catapult a satellite, weighing no more than 250kg, into orbit 700km above the planet.

    The unmanned space plane would return to land on the runway and be reused for another mission.

    S3 officials say this system offers satellite deployment services at a quarter of the current market cost because it is reusable and relies on cheaper fuel than vertical launch systems. S3 estimates it would charge about $11 million for a 250kg satellite.

    According to Grégoire Loretan, S3's head of communications, the company's first phase of operations in Colorado will focus on courting contacts within the small satellite sector and collaborating with the state's universities on microgravity research.

    Loretan expects customers from a diverse range of interests, including scientific research institutions, medical companies, and weather monitoring organizations.

    “With the nation’s second-largest aerospace economy and a wealth of commercial, civil and military space assets, Colorado has been and remains to be a strategic location for the space industry,” Ken Lund, director of the state Office of Economic Development, told a reporter for the Pueblo Chieftain . The recruiting of S3 will help Colorado retain its status as the nation transitions from government space flights to commercial space flights. In New Mexico, Spaceport America already is in operation with several major clients signed.

    Sources: Swiss Space Systems, Spaceport Colorado, Pueblo Chieftain, Denver Post

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