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Pharrell Williams to launch fragrance

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  • Pharrell Williams to launch fragrance

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    Pharrell Williams to launch fragrance
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    Pharrell Williams to launch fragrance
    September 19, 2013 10:36 AM
    moncler The 21st century renaissance man has revealed he's working on a new fragrance collaboration, as well as a mystery project with architect Zaha Hadid. moncler womens jackets Designer, musician, producer and artist Pharrell Williams is currently hard at work on a new fragrance, according to a recent interview with Details Magazine .
    moncler jackets outlet After five number-1 singles, 17 top-10 hits, and a number 1 album as a musician and producer, he's now turned his attention to tickling our olfactory glands rather than our eardrums. Details about the project are currently patchy, with Williams keener to riff on the inspirations behind his work:
    moncler outlet online "We're not actual creators -- we're just vessels, pulling from inspiration," he explains. "Sometimes it comes from oblivion, sometimes it, like, walks by me. But again, it's not within you. You're just an observer, and your job is like a stenographer -- you're capturing things. I'm a recording artist, in all I do."
    moncler outlet store We're intrigued to find out what fragrances he's been 'recording' of late: "I create based on what I feel like is missing," he adds in the interview, leading us to suspect that whatever emerges from the project, it will come with something of a twist. 
    moncler boots for men The news comes hot on the tails of his latest fashion collaboration, a partnership with French luxury brand Moncler on a men's and women's eyewear collection, which was announced earlier this month. Williams also produced a successful jewelry collaboration titled 'Blason' with Louis Vuitton in 2008. Arts & Entertainment Media Pharrell Williams
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