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  • weird, right?

    script says 1 shot. jms says shot hit the shuttle.

    tv shows first shot very wide to the side, hits nothing visible.

    something early on starts perception on the online boards that first shot didn't miss. JMS would explicitly nix speculation sometimes,...
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  • not for the deathwalker page.

    it might be buried in early messages (chronological order), but I haven't found it yet. very early is spotty even on lurker (aol is almost completely absent). the thing is it is only going to be one post or two maybe? per system by jms on this, even though...
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  • Woofdog2
    replied to Happy 28th Anniversary, B5!! 2-22-93
    I know I saw Infection original airing and maybe some others but didn't start watching regularly until s2 GROPOS iirc. the show changed tv science fiction, opened the door to farscape and other subsequent arc-heavy shows (not even mentioning DS9 here), but the most remarkable part, to me, was JMS's...
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  • looking for source on Deathwalker, first vorlon shot didn't miss

    This is my first forum post -

    I watched the show weekly from GROPOS on and discovered and followed jms' compuserve (and later aol) posts shortly after. I have found I can usually locate a post I remember by him from later in the show pretty easily, but I am stumped on a something I am pretty...
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