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  • gs4291
    replied to iTunes (and Amazon?) new 4:3 version
    Things seem more stable on iTunes than Amazon - there are now only 4 episodes left to be replaced with a 4:3 version (Soul Hunter, Mind War, By Any Means Necessary and Babylon Squared)

    There don't seem to any of Amazon's mis-labelling issues but unfortunately I've just found there's at...
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  • gs4291
    started a topic iTunes (and Amazon?) new 4:3 version

    iTunes (and Amazon?) new 4:3 version

    I thought I'd highlight this for anyone (like me) who has seller's remorse over getting rid of their VHS tapes fifteen years ago and (being ambivalent about the DVD transfer) has been hoping for a 4:3 digital version of the show...

    Against all odds it seems to be here! I can only personally...
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  • gs4291
    replied to An alternative viewing order for Season One
    Yep I agree moving Signs is definitely the most significant change from the original order - but I think it really strengthens Delenn's story over the last few episodes of the season.

    I was conscious about totally wrecking the pacing of the season when rearranging everything, so I went...
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