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JMS posting times?

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  • DougO
    The time/dates in the message archive are always shown in the same timezone (they don't adjust based on your timezone). My intention was to display the times in PST, however its possible it could be off.

    The message date goes through a number of conversions between the source NNTP server, database, and when it is rendered on the site. I'll check and see what is currently happening.


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  • Jan
    started a topic JMS posting times?

    JMS posting times?

    I can't figure out what time the site is choosing when it displays JMS' posts. For instance, when I see his "JMS Interview at fanboyplanet" post directly on the r.a.c.m.u. newsgroup, it shows as "10/19/2004 2:39 AM Eastern Standard Time" because that's how I've got my computer set which translates on this site to GMT -5 hours. But when the post shows up in the archive, it shows the post made at "10/18/2004 4:39:23 PM" which would be (I think, it's still early) GMT -15 hours?

    Confused before coffee <g>,