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  • Babylon 5 Reboot Category?

    I was just posting on the B5 movie thread and thinking it was sad that it was down in the movies section instead of in the B5 section. I know it will be a new thing, but I know, I at least, would appreciate a new category forum to discuss that in, instead of being restricted to just one thread.

    I know it is two years off and it could possibly get canceled *knock on wood* but still it's not going to just be a movie, is it? If it is just going to be one movie, then I can see keeping it in there, but if it's going to be a new franchise/series, it would be appropriate to have a new category for it.

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    As far as we know right now, all that's planned is what JMS talked about at SDCC and that's a single feature film. While it might spawn many sequels and maybe even a new show, that's nothing that's been brought up so far.

    I don't think that a whole forum is needed but it could be worthwhile to move the main discussion thread up to the B5 forum and start a 'spoiler' thread as the film becomes more of a reality.

    For now, let's see if the thread remains active. There probably won't be any real news for a while now that the announcement's been made.

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      Awe, okay. Just having it in the B5 area would be great. I guess we don't want to get too carried away, especially since we have at least 2 years to wait, and it could fall through or not spawn anything extra.

      *tries to contain enthusiasm and settle in for looooong wait*