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  • GEnie posts from July 1992?

    What happened to the posts from July 1992? The original casting announcements were made in this range; I wrote some down in my notes but they don't seem to appear anywhere now. I think I got them from this site...

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    Always interested in discovering new messages that aren't archived here. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, perhaps you can list some more details from your notes?

    Casting Delenn:
    JMSNews is an archive of messages posted by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS)

    Casting Sinclair:
    JMSNews is an archive of messages posted by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS)

    And this seems to be the first mention of many of the others:
    JMSNews is an archive of messages posted by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS)


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      I have a few notes here and there. Apologize for multiple posts here but I reached the character limit for a single message:

      Originally posted by jms 7/8/1992
      Will name names as soon as contracts are signed.

      Found a great Dr. Kyle and an equally good Garibaldi the other day.
      Things are looking up.

      As for directions in space...remember, the station rotates, so it is
      already at an angle to just about everything else. Ships incoming will have
      to rotate to orient themselves to the station, such that all other ships are
      at different angles. So yes, that's something that has already been included
      in the design of the show.

      BTW, does anyone here who was also at Westercon remember the name of the
      woman from the Kennedy Space Center who attended the B5 presentation? She
      offered some good thoughts and suggestions, and would like to follow up on
      that, and on an offer of additional support. (Apparently, from what she told
      me, a lot of folks at the Kennedy Space Center have been tracking the progress
      of B5 for some time, even publishing little news bits in some newsletter or
      other...they like the fact, as do I, that we're trying to be as scientifically
      accurate as possible.)
      Originally posted by jms 7/15/1992
      Okay, so I quashed that one, I let the 20 other in jokes slide....

      About vocal range...what you look for when putting together an ensemble
      is different than what you look for when you're putting together a show built
      around only one or two stars. What you want is sythesis, how they relate,
      how they look together, how they act together, and for a range of looks,
      heights, mannerisms and voices. They've all got very good voices...hard
      biting for Garibaldi, mellifluous and enticing for G'Kar, exotic for Delenn,
      firm for Laurel, deep and entrancing for Sinclair, cultured and sophisticated
      for Dr. Kyle....

      You want to create a certain kind of effect with an ensemble show that's
      very unique. HILL STREET is a good model for that. Just from the few hours
      we had virtually all of them together in the same room, they got along
      tremendously and there was a good sense of a group in action.

      As for the actor playing G'Kar...hmm...what can I say that I can get away
      with...well, you've seen him as a Romulan, three times. As well as in many
      other things. (New series Romulan, not the original show.)

      Bear with me; I should be able to post the cast list by week's end,
      barring a request from Warners to wait a bit.
      Originally posted by jms 7/15/1992
      Jeez, nearly 20 messages since last night...yeah, without saying anything
      more specific, I think most of y'all are on the right track about G'Kar.
      (Man, I didn't think it was that obvious.) He brings a wonderful aspect to
      the character.

      I suspect that the actress portraying Laurel is American born, though I
      didn't ask, but there is something of an accent there, to answer the question
      about accents; the actor playing Dr. Kyle has a definite African accent, and
      there's also an Eastern European accent in one of the other roles. (Which
      reminds me...there's a big surprise in one of our cast members which we've
      managed to keep fairly quiet until now...not a name per se, but rather a
      take on the casting that will, I think, come as quite a surprise.)

      Overall, the cast is very close to what I saw in my head when I wrote
      the script.


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        Some more:

        Originally posted by jms 7/26/1992
        Any further involvement by Harlan...will wait for future developments (he
        said, being deliberately vague). And yes, I plan to be at MagiCon, as soon as
        I can get my act together to finish making arrangements.

        Cast...hmm...well, here's a funny thing. See, I'd created the role of
        Lyta Alexander (the rent a telepath) along with every other character 'way
        back when. Between then and now, I saw the remake of "Night of the Living
        Dead," and was blown out of the room by one of the actors: Patricia Tallman.
        I'd always thought that Lyta should have eyes somehow bigger than they should
        be (no makeup, just the perception), should be a redhead, and should be
        physically capable of handling herself. So when time came to revise the
        script, update it and stuff, as I wrote Lyta's part, I kept thinking of
        Tallman (and expanding the part commensurately).

        As we began auditions, I kept an open mind...but always kinda hoped that
        Patricia would be the one that we all liked. And, sonuvagun, that's how it's
        worked out. So she's Lyta. (In addition to NOTLD, she's also appeared in
        "Knightriders," "Roadhouse," "Monsignore," in the upcoming "Army of Darkness,"
        and in television on "Generations," "Tales from the Darkside," "Texas" and
        "Guiding Light.")

        Basically, about half our cast members have backgrounds in the genre,
        like Katsulas and Tallman and, nominally, Tomita and Jurasik. The rest do
        not. I think that makes for a good mix.
        Originally posted by jms 7/29/1992
        Another cast member to announce: For the part of Dr. Benjamin Kyle
        we have Johnny Sekka, who has been featured in such films as THE
        WOMAN OF STRAW and others (working, along the way, with such folks as
        Ryan O'Neal, Sidney Poitier, Orson Welles, Lawrence Olivier and Sean
        Connery, to name but a few), and in such television projects as MASTER OF
        PASSION IN PARADISSE...Johnny Sekka comes out of the Old Vic in London,
        the Royal Court theater, and the Strattford Theater, classically trained.

        He's a wonderful actor, with a great sense of elegance and style and
        power. Like so many others, when he came in the door, we knew instantly
        that this was the one for us. (And the kind of accent you wish every
        doctor'd trust him immediately.)

        So let's far I've announced....

        Laurel Takashima.............Tamlyn Tomita
        Ambassador Londo Mollari.....Peter Jurasik
        Michael Garibaldi............Jerry Doyle
        Ambassador Kosh..............Himself
        Lyta Alexander...............Patricia Tallman
        Ambassador G'Kar.............Andreas Katsulas
        Dr. Benjamin Kyle............Johnny Sekka

        So that leaves Commander Sinclair, Delenn, and Carolyn Sykes to be
        heard from.

        Just by itself that would be a great lineup...but there's more to come.
        Originally posted by jms 7/29/1992
        Very curious...yes, there are plans for an organic ship in the, it's not the Vorlon ship, despite appearances. You've basically
        hop scotched ahead to an actual planned episode, AND to one of the ways it's
        detected, via Lyta. (Have to watch myself around're a sharp

        As for pockets...we've got 'em, don't worry about that. Like I said from
        the beginning: PRACTICAL uniforms only.

        And as for Ambassador, he's not computer generated...and who
        said ANYONE was doing his voice?

        Mysteriously yours....


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          Last one here:

          Originally posted by jms 7/30/1992
          No voice actor has agreed to work without credit. (I've got to stop
          enjoying myself as much as I am....)

          Thanks for the comment re: POWER. Yeah, I was involved in that, and in
          large part, I think it holds up fairly well...though there are a few that I
          wouldn't mind dropping off the deep end of a pier off the Jersey coast....

          As for lettering/alphabet/fonts...your timing is excellent. Today, while
          down at the stage, I swung by the art department (some days it astonishes me
          that there IS a Babylon 5 Art Department....) and picked up copies of the new
          fonts. One is a wholly alien looking symbolic language, rather like
          hieroglyphs; another is for a kind of Interlac, a language form used in common
          by most civilizations (sort of an interstellar Esperanto, I suppose); and
          then there are two possibilities for an English speaking font that I have to
          choose between. One of them was custom made for us, and looks vaguely
          Russian; the other is a rather obscure commercial font. Of the two, I think
          I'll go with the customized font.

          (Another example of our anti traditional TV think: we're making up signs
          that will front offices and the casino and quarters and medlab and so on...and
          at first there was talk of putting up a symbol, like an international No Walk
          sort of thing, AND the english word for it. We were looking at the
          illustrations for production, and Richard Compton, our director, said, "Leave
          off the words, just leave in the symbol; if people are sharp enough, and they
          probably are, they'll pick up on it on their own and start recognizing the
          symbols. Plus it's usually self explanatory in the subsequent action." In
          other the intelligence of the viewers. If they get it, fine, if
          they don't, it won't interfere with their enjoyment of the show one whit.)

          For those curious, by the way, we've worked out the B5 logo that will
          appear on patches and elsewhere on the ship. To best communicate that to you,
          I have to describe the 5 we're using. Break off the top of the 5 just before
          the circular part, and notch the bottom, so you have what looks like a catch,
          a sideways L. Make the bottom half circular, with a section missing. So what
          you have, if you were to, say, put it in motion, is the circle turning, the
          gap comes up, and the notched part drops in to form a 5. (And there's a dot
          within the circle.)

          So what we have on the patches is this: a silver background shaped like a
          stylized B, and within that silhouette is the 5. The dot within the circle
          of the 5 now sells the B against the silhouette. The 5 is in black. It looks
          vaguely machine like, and it's WAY cool. (The silver won't be too bright, or
          metallic...sort of a silver grey.) If you look at the B and the 5, you can
          see that they share pretty much the same silhouette, so it's a perfect
          match...just make the B a little larger and drop the 5 on top within its

          One more bit of casting news: for Commander Sinclair's lady friend,
          trader Carolyn Sykes, we have Blair Baron. If you've seen "League Of Their
          Own," she's in the opening sequence as the daughter who encourages her mother
          to go out and attend the Hall of Fame opening. She's done a LOT more than
          that, but her credits are at the office, and I'm at home.

          Sets are coming together beautifully; VERY impressive, and just plain

          Eleven days to filming.