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Is someone so bored they're trying to hack this place?

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    I got the same thing. Same IP address too.


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      Wow, this really is creepy. I haven't had any more attempts on my account as of the time I posted this, but that could change. I'm glad this site sends emails when somebody tries to bust in! I never would've known otherwise.
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        I've done some research on this issue and it appears that this sort of brute force password attack happens every few months to forums on the Internet.

        The site (support forum for vBulletin) has actually experienced the same attack this week from Russian IP addresses.

        The way these attacks work is the attacker has an ordered list of the most common passwords along with a script that attempts to logon. The script works it way through the list, however because the forums lock the account for 15 minutes after 5 failed attempts, the going is very slow. Unless your password is extremely common (e.g., "password", "123456", etc.) it could take months or years to guess your password that way. You'd also receive a constant stream of lock out emails (one every 15 minutes).

        As a precaution, I have block IP addresses that begin with "188.143.242", "188.143.243", "188.143.244", and ""188.143.245". That is 1024 IP addresses total and represent the ranges that have been reported so far.

        Hopefully the attackers will move on soon to a different target.



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          Thanks, DougO! If only they would use their powers for good...

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            Thanks Doug for taking care of this! Hopefully it'll stop now.

            I wonder what these goofballs are after. Like, what would they do once they got into an account? Spam until it gets banned?
            "I have always been here." - Kosh