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  • jms post archive search problem

    Several times over the past week or so when I've been searching for something through the search feature of the archive of jms's posts on the main page of this site, when it has more than one page of returned results, I can't get to any of the other pages of results.

    For example, a few moments ago, I searched for "The Hand" as I'm trying to find something jms said about how there are other alien groups and stuff out there in the galaxy in the B5 universe that he hasn't told us about. So, I searched for "The Hand" and it returned 632 results, with of course the first 15 of them on the first page. When I click the "Next" link to go to the next page of results, it just gives me this message:

    Sorry, your search for nothing returned no results. Please try a different query.
    I don't know what's up with that, but I thought I'd post about it.

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    Ok, I just tried searching for "The Hand" again, and it still returns that error when I click the "next" link to try to go to the second page of results.

    When I right click and bring up the Properties of the "Next" link, it lists the web address of the link to be:

    I'm using Firefox as my browser, version


    Although, I think I might have found what caused it. When I searched for "The Hand", I included the quotation marks as I was trying to see if I could get the system to find it as a compound term with "the" right before "hand" instead of finding "the" somewhere else completely different than "hand" was on any particular page. I'm used to searching for specific word-combined terms and phrases when I use Google, so I guess I thought all searches worked similarly. If I remove the quotation marks from my search, the second page through the Next link is now available.


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      Ok, I tried it and it works. I can search for "The Hand" with quotes and the Next link now points to the next page of search results.

      Thank you.