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    Doug, why does the site keep going offlline? Have you looked into getting a better hosting service?
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    I apologize for the outtage yesterday. There was technical problem with the database and I didn't notice it until last night.

    I've also had some problems reciently with the network connectivity between my ISP and home data center. It runs over a business DSL account and the modem ocassionally loses train with the line card in the central office. This shouldn't happen and I'm working to find out the cause.

    I have monitoring service that checks my servers every few minutes. I added to the list today which means I'll know about failures much sooner from now on.

    On a related note, I leased a dedicated server from a hosting company last month and plan to move over to it within a few months. I have an update to the site under development and plan to launch it on that server. This new machine will provide a higher level of reliability and much greater bandwidth.

    Thanks for the feedback and for visiting the site!