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    came across this site a while ago and I love it. It's a great resource.
    I was browsing the archive (reading about Jeremiah which I just watched for the first time recently) and saw a BUNCH of duplicate messages cropping up.
    take a look:
    I did a little digging, and based on a few things came up with this list:
    Basically, these are messages with the same date,subject and identical content.
    and this list:
    which is just the post ID#'s tab seperated

    Hopefully you find this useful.

    Keep up the good work with this site!

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    Hi Adam, and welcome!

    Wow, that looks like a LOT of work! I've known that there are a fair number of duplicates, but never put a list together. Thanks for the effort.

    DougO is the only one who can add or remove posts, as far as I know and he's often really busy. Maybe there's an easy way to remove duplicates? He can find out.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the effort and welcome again!

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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      It actually wasn't that much work, I do CS stuff for a living and it's just a matter of a few properly written RegExps.
      Well, I gave you guys a plain text page of the message ids so that should make it a whole lot easier to remove the duplicates -- i'm sure that DougO or whoever admininstrates the site should know what to do with it.


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        Thanks for putting together that list! It should be very useful.

        I'll take a closer look at it soon and try to remove the duplicate messages.



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          I have a question.

          Whatever happened to the chat feature that was on this site?

          I remember using it before and it was pretty cool to talk to other browsers of this site.


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            Originally posted by DysfunctionalReality
            Whatever happened to the chat feature that was on this site?
            There was an incident back in February when the server hosting this site was hacked. The standard procedure when that happens is to wipe the entire server and install everything again from scratch. At the time I didn't re-install the chat server due to some minor security concerns.

            If you guys found the chat feature useful I could look into bringing it back. It seems like there was a lot of initial interest but then its use tapered off over time.