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    Check out the Contest page for a chance at winning a signed copy of Fantastic Four #527. This issue features an exclusive cover variant that was only given to people who pre-registered for the Wizard World Philadelphia convention. Special thanks goes out to Jan for donating this item.

    Here are some upcoming items for the contest page:
    • Signed copy of Strange #1
    • Signed copy of Rising Stars: Born in Fire
    • Babylon 5 Complete First Season DVD set


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    Our new member Karen is wondering about whether/when there might be a new contest?

    The Shadows seem to have conspired not to let her post to this thread.

    "Fascism always comes in quietly, holding a flag in one hand and a holy book in the other, inching its way in. The bugles and drums only sound after they've already taken over and believe it's too late to do anything about it." JMS Twitter Dec. 24, 2017