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    IÆd like to announce that forum users ôJanö and ôRanger1ö have graciously accepted my offer to become forum moderators. Both users have been with the forums since week one and have had a high level of participation. I appreciate their contributions to the forums and am glad to have them helping out with the general operations. My hope is that being moderators will not interfere with their normal participation in forum discussions. They will occasionally need to put on the ômoderator hatö to address an issue and I ask that people respect their authority as Moderators.

    Please join me in welcoming Jan and Ranger1 to their new roles as forum Moderators!


    What is a Moderator?

    The role of the Moderator is to allow free discussion with as little intervention as possible. The duties of a moderator may include directing discussions to the correct forums, moving threads, mediating arguments (when they become heated), and seeing that the rules of the forums are followed. If necessary, the can edit or delete posts and may issue warnings when the forum rules are broken. If a moderator lets you know you are close to crossing the line, please take heed of the warning.

    What if I disagree with a Moderator?

    Moderators are not perfect and are only human. Disagreements occur. Try to communicate with them first on a respectful level and settle your disagreement. If you do not agree with a decision, you are not entitled to start a thread arguing about the decision or flame the moderator(s). If you feel a decision is unfair, please contact another Moderator or the forum Administrator (DougO).

    Where are the forum rules posted?

    Please see the "Forum Rules and Guidelines" thread in this Forum.