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    One of the few good things with being in lockdown is the, at least somewhat increased, time to watch TV and read. One of the fun books I managed to read this Fall was Nichelle Nichols biography Beyond Uhura. I can absolutely recommend it. There is both details about the life on Trek and about her life outside it. I had no idea that she was very engaged in the space program for example. A fun and easy read it complements some of the other classic Star Trekbooks like Shatners biography and the Inside Star Trek one by Solow and Justman.
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    Thanks for the review. Has anybody heard how she's doing? I'd seen reports of dementia and possible elder abuse and heated that something like that could happen to somebody who seems like a great lady.
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      It seems like her son and her former agent and caretaker was involved in a court battle earlier this year. It seems the agent was stripped of any powers over Nichelles estate, but also that there might be some disagreements between her and her son. So it sounds like the unfortunately not uncommon mess that happens when people start to get old. But at least, according an New York Post article from August this year, she is suffering from dementia, but is otherwise ok considering her age.