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    Well, I do not have Showtime and I've wanted to see this series. Well, next month it comes out on DVD. My question is: Is it worth the blind buy?

    I'm a big JMS fan. I loved B5, Crusade, Legend of the Rangers, heck I even like his Murder She Wrote stuff (I admit it!). Will I like Jeremiah? Or should I maybe rent one of the discs at the local video store before buying it?

    I know I got pretty lucky with Alias Season 1 awhile back. I had only seen like a little bit of that show and I just decided to go buy it and it was awesome. And that was from people I'd never even heard of (mostly).

    JMS though. Well, he's great (I think we all agree on that). So what do you all think?

    " And how was season 2. Heard if theres a season 3 JMS won't be back? Anybody think the show will still be good without JMS? "

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    I really like the show and believe you'll probably enjoy it. It's a very "human" story. Writing and burning letters to his father touched me deeply since my father had died recently, so I was able to identify with certain themes on a personal level. Having said that, I'd suggest renting the first episode just to make sure that you like it. Season 2 is halfway done and may be in limbo, but I like where the story is headed. I choose to be optimistic about the possibility of season 3...nuff said.


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      I think it is about on par with season one of B5 so there is a fair chance you will like it. Certainly a different setting but there are some similar themes like hope.

      Season two is much stronger than the first season which just laid groundwork for the most part. Episode #8 in season two was just amazing and while the rest of the season hasn't been as strong since then, it is still very interesting to watch. I can't wait for the end of season two!

      Anyway, if you do decide to rent a few episodes before buying Jeremiah season one, I suggest sampling these episodes:

      #1 & 2: THE LONG ROAD (2 part pilot)
      #8: FIREWALL (first arc propelling ep)
      #14: TRIPWIRE (kick the tables over ep)
      #19 & 20: THINGS LEFT UNSAID (2 part finale)
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        Thanks for the opinions!

        Hmm. Well, if I see the boxset anywhere when it comes out and I have the money I'll prob just buy it (though with all the other boxsets I have to get I'm not sure I'll have the money..)..but if I don't have the money then I'll prob rent. I'll definitly keep in mind those episodes you mentioned Lyta.

        If anybody else has any opinons that would be great!

        " Has taken a couple of chances on dvds. I had no clue how great Alias was going to be, but bought it cause of all the hype and loved it. Definitly want Season 2 of Alias (even though, again, I haven't seen it, but I'm pretty sure its great having seen the first season). Anyway, Jeremiah seems like an interesting show."


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          JEREMIAHÖ DVD Box Set


          Your Season 1 comparison has persuaded me to bite, for which I thank you.
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            me too i think - never managed to catch it when it was over here
            (lived in pauper studnetsville at the time so no evul Sky )

            hi Lyta too
            hope you don't mind an addition to the Teep nation here - soon perhaps we will have an empire or in fact, an entire public transport service for the vorlons (lead free )
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              Here is one of my favorite excerpts (a poem actually) from Jeremiah (so far):

              "I wear hope around my neck like a noose.

              ItÆs loose enough for me to breathe what I need to get me through the day.

              And with each swagger and sway comes a new belief that thereÆs a new belief just around the way. So I keep going.

              Halfway knowing that itÆs just a trick my mind likes to play so I donÆt quit.

              Or is it?

              Maybe IÆll never know.

              Maybe IÆll never go past the dreaming that thereÆs more. The scheming that what IÆm searching for is seemingly reminiscent to the folklore that thereÆs a garden paradise where I can settle and never have to leave. Where I can breathe deep breaths and exhale with abandon.

              Maybe that paradise is wherever IÆm standingàtall...believing in myselfàthat I can conquer all the sadness and all the madness and have a ball wherever I go.

              Could that be the paradise IÆm looking for?

              Maybe. And maybe IÆll never know."

              This is actually from one of the "slower" episodes, but it really touched me. Which episode is this from you ask? Buy or rent all of them and then sit back and enjoy the ride. To me this show is about hope, a priceless commodity which we all need to prosper. Enjoy!

              P.S. Sorry about the quasi-spoiler, but I believe it was worth it!


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                Jeremiah... season 2...season 3??

                well, I have just registered here, and read a lot of interesting stuff, and seen lots of interesting links... it amazes me over and over again how one can find people as intersted in and enjoying tv shows that i enjoy... anyway... it seems that sometimes living in canada, though on very rare occasions things are showing here before in the states, amazingly...
                anyway... I have about a month ago seen ep 15 and I am confused
                will the serie move on... what will happen.. is there any where I can find any spoilers.. or any information weather or not there will be a season 3??


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                  Delenn asked:

                  will the serie move on... what will happen.. is there any where I can find any spoilers.. or any information weather or not there will be a season 3??
                  We don't know yet. When news comes, I'm sure itll get posted here by someone but you can also check out:

                  Fall Into The Abyss - We report on anything related to J. Michael Straczynski's latest television project, Jeremiah. We have news, show overview, cast, episodes, gallery, FAQ, shop, links and more!

                  Monica's site is to Jeremiah what the Lurker's Guide was to B5. Lots of info and good discussions in the forums. There's also:

                  Hope that helps,
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