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At last I've seen a bit

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  • At last I've seen a bit

    I've discovered by chance that a friend of mine has taped most of season 1 off the telly. I watched the first episode today. I liked it alot, good acting, good writing and the show looked good in a Mad Max sort of way. I look forward to seeing more.
    I have the wings for Bingo.

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    If you have Comcast, they have the entire season 2 on VOD free (assuming you have showtime)

    I wish Season 1 were there too.


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      I thought I'd posted this already.

      Showtime Beyond is showing two episodes of Jeremiah Mon-Thurs now. It looks like they'll be showing the second season so if you missed it before, here's your chance.

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        Thanks for the information but I don't have a television. (don't want one either) I watch DVD's and Videos through my computer. The Return of Dr Who may be problematic, (may have to get someone to tape it for me). A friend taped Jeremiah when it was on cable here in Britain many moons ago, so I can see upto episode 9 of the first season but from then on I'm stuck until the dvds come out on region 2.
        I have the wings for Bingo.