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    S3 has been okay. I flip flop a lot on whether I like the show that much as a whole.

    Has anyone else noticed that vast abundance of 'emotional' character beats that just aren't earned or built up to at all. For example, we are supposed to get all emotional about mirror universe Phillippa, but I just don't feel like the character has earned that level of viewer attachment at all. Burnham also still feels weirdly un-relatable to me. I have the same with most of the cast. The whole thing with Tilly as number one just also feels forced to me, and again, it's super hard to buy into.

    I dunno, it has just made a lot of narrative jumps that feel jarring or eye rolling. On the whole, still watching and it's fun, but it feels like I'm watching a slightly hokey new SF show and not Trek. When you have shows like Mando and The Exapnse totally nailing their plot / character beats, it just feels a bit lacking in the writing department.
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