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    Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the executive producer of Showtime's post-apocalyptic science fiction series JEREMIAH, dropped us a line to tell us a bit about the second episode in JEREMIAH's new season, airing tonight on the cable network. "Strange Attractors" picks up shortly after last week's premiere episode and follows Jeremiah, Kurdy and Thunder Mountain leader Markus trying to find any other alliance leaders who also survived Valhalla Sector's devastating attack. If they don't find the missing leaders and quell the brewing tension growing amongst their members, the alliance will fall apart.

    Rosenberg told us what he thought of "Strange Attractors", written by J. Michael Straczynski, particularly one scene involving the new character of Mister Smith (played by LORD OF THE RINGS star Sean Astin), and of a chilling prophecy Smith reveals during the episode...

    "I was riveted by Mister Smith when I first read the script, then again in the dailies and producers cuts and even more so in the final version. One of my favorite scenes is when Mister Smith, visibly shaken, recounts six words 'god' just said to him and the tone in god's voice:


    There was sadness and grief and weariness (in the god's voice) but under it all...anger. The kind of anger that makes you throw yourself on the ground and cover your face and apologize for everything you've ever done in your entire life.

    "But what did god say??? What are those six words that will haunt us throughout this season's saga? 'Look to the east, and despair.'

    "Oh, and by the way, I've seen every script and every piece of footage for all the episodes, and I will tell you one thing without giving a spoiler (I wonÆt even tell you if it is indeed god!): that voice Mister Smith heard? Those six words? Well... god wasn't kidding."

    Uh oh. If you want to download a preview clip of tonight's new episode, check out Showtime's JEREMIAH website. "Strange Attractors" airs tonight at 10:00 PM EST and repeats again on Saturday and Sunday.

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    Here is another article posted on Cinescape:

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