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Made for DVD Stories for Jeremiah?

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  • Made for DVD Stories for Jeremiah?

    I haven't had the privilage to see all of the episodes of season 2. As with many others I've waiting with frustration about season 2 being released on DVD. Yet, what I was able to see I liked.
    With such a huge demand for new stories in the Babylon 5 universe with the pending release of The Lost Tales, does anyone think that there may be any made for DVD stories for Jeremiah? I think it's pretty clear that there's a huge demand for the writing talents of JMS and the various worlds that he's created and/or co-created.

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    I wish I could hold out hope for that, I really do. Thing is, JMS walked away from Jeremiah due to attempted interferance from MGM, the studio involved. Now, as far as I know Platinum is the owner so I guess they could find another studio but I don't know that it's very likely.

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      There is demand for JMS, true. But it's getting late for Jeremiah, and Jeremiah doesn't have the franchise power that Babylon 5 had. The series only lasted 2 seasons, didn't really finish, and if you go up to 100 random people, you're probably not going to get very many who have heard of the show. Whereas if you go up to 100 random people, most of them will at least have heard of Babylon 5. That's what creates a niche market for the straight to dvd thing.

      As much as I'd *love* more Jeremiah, because it was really going somewhere cool, I just don't think it got off the ground enough to have that kind of a movement.
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        Originally posted by SmileOfTheShadow
        it's getting late for Jeremiah
        Unfortunatly. I know that most of the actors were signed through season 3, but it's been so long that I doubt it'll return. If it does, as long as MGM is still involved JMS won't be.