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Quantum Leap 2022 Revival/continuation discussion

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  • Quantum Leap 2022 Revival/continuation discussion

    I'd been meaning to post a thread on the revival of my other favorite series of the late 80s/Early 90s. Quantum Leap has gotten a revival While it has a different showrunner this time the original creator Donald P. Bellasario is is on board as Executive Producer and writer.

    This is more like a Season 6 taking place 30 years after the original series with a new cast. It's tied to the original by a couple of characters (one of whom is played by a different actor).

    The 1st episode/pilot was aired on this past Monday and was okay. It was the 2nd pilot done for this as NBC had some concerns about the original piot which will now air as the 3rd episode.

    As a fan from way back in 1989, I have high hopes for this iteration of the series. That said, I think this pilot could've been helped by being longer. There was way too much crammed in to one hour.

    Overall I liked it. A bit rough, but better than I expected and I have to remember to compare it to the original pilot, not the later seasons after it found it's footing.
    I think that Ben and Addison were missing chemistry, and I hope that improves.

    I enjoyed seeing the project in the present day and I had always hoped in the original series that we'd have gotten more glimpses than we did. Hell, we didn't see anything of the future until the leap back in Season 3 or 4.

    I'm a bit sad, I was hopping for Sammy Jo and not one of Al's daughter helping Ben. But Sammy Jo would be 55 in the new series.

    I loved the 80's music, but the rest of the soundtrack was so meh.I really want to hear the theme music and see an intro.

    I guess that they learned that not telling the leaper about the future didn't make a difference. Otherwise Addison wouldn't have given Ben the whole rundown like she did.

    I agree that the bomb in the sewer was bad and why did Addison have to disappear before the bomb went off? In the past Al would've just stood there and walked through the ensuing explosion. I kind of missed that.

    I liked the twist that Addison would've been the leaper and Ben the obsever. Not so much them being engaged. But that can provide some conflict going forward.‚Äč
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