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    I vaguely remember that a comic book continuation of Jeremiah was planned, by, I think, Platinum Studios. Does any one know if that happened, and if not, what went wrong? Did it get abandoned because they never aired S2 in the US?

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    A poster over at Monica Hubinette's Abyss site posted this note on August 7.

    Sounds like something may happen. It'd be nice if they were able to put the second season online legitimately. Showtime *did* show the entire season once, Alan. With months between the halves of the season.

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      Thats fairly positive. Fingers crossed for the comic then. Putting S2 online seem like a top idea too.

      I do wish 'they' would release the second season on DVD. I have seen it and have 'copies', but I would like to buy a proper DVD set. It would be interesting to see how it sells too.

      Anyway thanks for the info, its good to know Jerimiah(the show!) is not completely dead.

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        Help save The Last Empire

        Because of internal happenings at Platinum, now is a good time to try to convince them to move forward on Jeremiah: The Last Empire. Please read this and write to Scott at Platinum so they know the fans are eager for the comic to be produced. He's a good guy, so be polite!
        Some of you may have heard about ôThe Last Empireö, a comic book sequel to the ôJeremiahö television series. Written by Andrew Foley, TLE takes place some time after the end of season two, and follows the adventures of several regular characters, including Jeremiah, Kurdy, Mister Smith, Lee and Gina, as they investigate strange happenings on the coast of Oregon.

        Permission to use likenesses of the major characters has been obtained. I have been told that Mister Smith features prominently in the story, as he is one of AndrewÆs favorite characters to write!

        The plan has been to publish the comic first on the internet, as a weekly series with 5 to 10 comic book pages per episode. There will also be an interactive component, where readers could click on certain images and get background information of characters or places.

        The story was completed some time ago, but unfortunately, Platinum Studios has put the project on the back burner, and it may never be drawn and published.

        We need to convince Platinum Studios to put this project back on track! PLEASE, everyone write to Scott Rosenberg, [email protected]. You need not be eloquent, it need not be a long email, just WRITE and say you want the comic book project to go forward. Also please to forward this post to any Jeremiah/Mister Smith/Sean Astin fans, lists or sites that you know of as well as those for other series actors like Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Feel free to do your own posts urging others to write. I only ask that you link back to this page and let me know where you've posted.

        We know that the internet is powerful, letÆs use it to our advantage!

        If no one writes, Platinum will think no one cares.

        This is the letter I wrote.
        I am writing to ask you to fast track the ôJeremiah: The Last Empireö comic book project.

        I only recently discovered the ôJeremiahö television series. I was drawn to it after learning it was a J. Michael Straczynski project, as I am a huge fan of ôBabylon 5.ö After watching all of the episodes, I was very excited to learn about the comic book follow-up written by Andrew Foley. Imagine my disappointment to learn this project has stalled out.

        I know there are many other Jeremiah fans out there who would also love to see the comic book project completed. I hope your company will reinstate The Last Empire on your active project list.

        I look forward to hearing from you on this project, and seeing more about the characters I grew to love.

        Thank you.


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          Platinum Studios on the Jeremiah Comic!

          See for a response by Platinum Studios!


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            That is good news.

            So, if I understand correctly, the material that was finished will be released, but we might well have to wait for the remainder of it, while an new artist is found. Is it not possible to release the whole story as a book, rather than a comic, or it there a rights thing preventing that?

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