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    "The Sense8 finale is overstuffed, overlong, and will leave you smiling: EW review"

    Together they’ve crafted an overstuffed wrap-up story. It’s less a final act than a speedrun, compiling what feels like at least three seasons of planned mythology.


    Sense8 really could feel mind-expanding. (A romantic triangle is resolved in the finale in a perfectly Sense8-ish way.) Saying “I’m glad this exists” is a very 2018 cop-out, a positive thought shorn of actual opinion. But when I look back on Sense8, I’m so glad it exists, glad that Lana Wachowski and her collaborators got the chance to wrap up their saga this way. There’s not much feeling of danger in this finale; the villains are all still so lame. But that feels besides the point, and you stick around for the dancing, the fireworks, the goodwill towards everyone from everywhere. Credit Sense8 for radical sincerity. It wore eight hearts on its sleeve. Finale Grade: B
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      "'Sense8' was a television marvel - and it has the finale it deserves"

      The last moment, the last words that are spoken, the last picture we see: Perfect. I do not know if the series could have ended otherwise, but it certainly should not end in any other way.

      The good news is that, yes, "Sense8" has managed to complete the plot by tying up the loose ends and fulfilling the expectations of fans, especially with regard to the happy endings of the senses. We list the top 5 finishes in the series.
      ^ REALLY spoilery article. For example it spoils stuff about Nomi's mom.

      "Sense8 ends with an apotheosis finale, in the right line of the spirit of the series"

      Sense8 was not perfect, but it will remain, in my opinion, a big series on the power of empathy.
      OKAY, REALLY spoilery about Rajan for example. Do not read. Or do? Up to you.

      As much to say it immediately, this ultimate episode does not treat everything, but only the essential. More clearly, he abandons individual intrigues, to focus on the BPO and the Sense8 thread. In a single sentence, at the end of the first quarter of an hour, Will announces the color: " I know we're all trying to hold on to the things we care about personally, but Wolfgang needs us. at war. "That's it. You will not see the political rise of Capheus in Kenya. Neither the takeover of the family business by Sun in Korea. Nor the explosion of Lito's acting career in Hollywood. Lana Wachowski chose to go dead, and she was certainly right.


      Fortunately, beyond these blunders, there are those characters we love. Riley, Will, Sun, Nomi and the others have lost none of their complicity. A beautiful alchemy that brings this TV movie from the first to the last minute and gives this final the delectable impression of a conclusion "feel good". The action scenes are linked together, the rhythm is frantic and most of the answers to the questions we asked ourselves are unveiled. What offer to this great series the true end it deserved, even if we can not help but think that Lana Wachowski would probably have done better, with a real season.
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      My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".


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        Another review in English:

        "The Sense8 finale feels overstuffed trying to give everything in the series a conclusion but hardcore fans will be satisfied."

        The Sense8 finale movie has an impossible task to accomplish. Let’s get this out of the way now; there was no way to properly wrap up such a sprawling series, one that was supposed to last five seasons, in a movie. There was just no way to tie up every single loose end while also delivering satisfying conclusions to all the characters arcs.

        But it certainly tries its best.

        The movie is a satisfying enough conclusion to the Sense8 saga, certainly better than what the season two ending would have been if not for the fan campaign to save the show.
        Thankfully the creative team of the series doesn’t try to hedge their bets with a hail mary of a third season pick up. They know this is their last hurrah and shoves in everything they can.


        Again, there’s no way this movie could properly give fans everything they wanted but it at least hits all the notes it needs to.

        If you weren’t a fan of the Sense8 series this movie won’t do anything for you. It’s truly a love letter to the fans and is exclusively catered to them. But if you are one of the hardcore fans you’ll enjoy this. You’ll be left wanting more but at least you’ll feel a true sense of conclusion. For that, we should all be thankful.

        Certainly, we enjoy the Parisian geography more than approximate to the screen (the subway station Arts-and-crafts placed in Abbesses, the 11th arrondissement located near the Eiffel Tower ...), but we let ourselves be caught by the intensity of the action scenes and the emotional roller coaster of the screenplay. Even more beautiful: the end credits of 4 minutes, where many images of fans come to meet the actors and the director. Cherry on a delicious cake.

        EDITOR'S NOTE: 4/5
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        My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".


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          This is the most negative review so far.

          Certainly, there were lengths and passages a little expected in the first two seasons. But the originality of the scenario and the beauty of the staging managed to take us into the world of "sensates". The small defects of the first seasons are unfortunately difficult to ignore in this episode of two hours and a half.


          But finally what is the most problematic in this final is that the initial idea is less and less exploited. While the Wachowski intelligently portrayed the extent to which the sensate's abilities would necessarily challenge their very way of life and their individuality, these complex questions seem to be completely evacuated in the end in favor of an extremely actionable movie plot. banal (a wicked organization persecutes nice heroes who are full of resources when it comes to organizing the response). While the bastons are still well choreographed. But it's a bit light to keep our interest awake.
          Our opinion

          If you have already seen the first two seasons, you will probably want to have the last word of the story. This is the only thing that brings us this special episode. On the other hand, we warn those who hesitate to start the series: if the first season is really nice to watch, Sense8 is running out of steam little by little and its final is frankly disappointing.

          The final episode was filmed by Lana Wachowski and begins where the second season was over, with the protagonists trying to save Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), who had been abducted. It's basically a movie, with almost two and a half hours, the equivalent of three normal episodes, and shows the series at its best - overambitious ambition, cast chemistry, lack of fear of ridicule - and at its worst - the formal indulgence, narrative dispersion, lack of notion of ridicule.

          The creators had originally thought of doing five seasons, so they can not solve all the clues and develop all the ideas planted over two years in a single episode, but it does not hurt. The most important thing here has always been the atmosphere and the relationships between the characters, and Lana Wachowski concludes all these stories.

          VERY SPOILERY. Absolutely do not read! It reveals stuff about Bodhi and Whispers. But you can read my below spoiler free excerpt:

          Between these two parts we see many questions answered. We get to know a lot more about BPO and its goals, Archipelago, Whispers' past and its importance to the organization and even about the past of Angelica ( Daryl Hannah ) and Jonas ( Naveen Andrews ).

          However, there are issues that are addressed so superficially and raise so many doubts that we are asked whether it would even be worth being included.


          It is indeed regrettable how the temporal constraints of the episode itself dictated the accelerated pace of plotline development. However, it is remarkable how the production still managed to give satisfactory answers to the viewers. Above all, it is important to keep in mind that more than to develop the story, this episode was meant to give an end to the fans.

          NOTE: 8/10

          For two seasons the cluster has been running away from the BPO, specifically Milton Brandt ( Terrence Mann ), whom they call Whispers. That none should be captured by them was something that we had clear, because it would mean the extinction of the cluster: one by one would go after them until they were liquidated. But why? What did Milton achieve with the extinction of the cluster? Had all the deaths so far been in vain?

          This is the main plot of this final chapter, an achievement of answers that unite and explain the events of two seasons. Who was who, why did what he did, are the doubts that will be resolved, but also know another character that will be the key to take them to the end and that the Sense8 are finally saved.
          Each scene is an individual danger for whom it is starring, but it poses a risk for the entire cluster, because as we already know what one feels, everyone feels it.


          Therefore, although it is not remembered by everyone as one of the best series of its time, those who have attended this spectacular last episode will have belonged to something unique.
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            At 100% currently on RT: and 7.5/10

            The most negative review in English that I've read is: which basically says the only thing good about the finale is that it's a better series ending than Season 2's.
            My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".


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              Ok, this is another very negative review: but the author admits he has only watched a couple of season 1 episodes, didn't like it, and then returned to watch the finale, and surprise surprise, he similarly disliked it.

              Confession time: I wasn’t up to speed with Sense8. I’d only seen two episodes before – I didn’t want to watch more, probably for the same reasons that not enough other people wanted to watch. And those reasons are on show, big time, in the finale.
              How moronically dumb to review the episode then.

              I don't know if I would say that the episode is "strictly for the fans" as he calls it, but it's most definitely not for those that have watched less than 10% of the show, 3 years ago!!

              Like come on!
              My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".