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What do you want most in the Finale?

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    Originally posted by sense8ional View Post
    It's to protect the rest of the cluster, no? Even Yrsa said it to Riley.
    But in that dream there was no immediate threat. Why is suicide such an automatic 'solution'? Doesn't make sense.
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      She says death is the only way to hide from Whispers in the dream so right or wrong it's consistent. "I thought I was safe here. But he found me. Just like he'll find you."
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        I've been reading all the updates on the finale, and weirdly, I'm not too excited about it. I ain't going to pre-judge it, but I remain disappointed that we will never see the long form plan for the series. I really wanted to see some surprising character arcs, gradual change, etc... but we'll never get that.

        I suppose I was holding out for characters with depth like Londo and G'Kar in B5 and the kind of change they go through, but I'm unsure the series would have ever delivered something like that. I love the central message of the show, but tend to feel the narrative and sometimes even the characters have suffered because of it. I guess I wanted more depth.

        The series has a very cool concept, and I feel much more could have been done with it. I am still a bit unconvinced by BPO as an antagonist, and motives remain a bit thin for me. I could have done with a central narrative that really kept me mind occupied.
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