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Gearing Up for Sense8 Finale - Possible SPOILERS

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    With Joong-Ki gone from South Korea, I'm starting to think Seoul is truly done, they won't even be faking it or something as we have theorized, Joong-Ki will just show up in one of the 4 filming locations we know, but also Mun will show up having tracked down Sun and offering to help her.

    edit If this article is accurate (it looks more like a summary of known news for the most part except this little thing) then filming in Naples will take place for a week in the second half of October: then:


    The two-hour series finals have begun for a few days in Berlin and will go ahead in Brussels and then in Paris. In the second half of October, for a week, it will also be in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, where there will be at least 300 people from crew and cast.
    - So we have heard about production starting October 2 (tomorrow).
    - Extras in Berlin wanted for October 4, 6, 7, so that means they will be shooting in Berlin for at least a week.
    - Then we heard extras wanted in Paris for October 13-24.
    - There is a gap between October 7 and October 13, Berlin and Paris, and this article claims in between they will shoot in Brussels.
    - If Naples is going to take place in the second half of October, that would put it after October 24 (unless they are filming multiple units, but I didn't see any other director in the table read videos but Lana, unlike in season 2's table read..), so let's say Naples will be October 25 to November 1, or October 30 to November 6 or something.

    So in other words in just 1 month they will have finished in all 4 locations if everything we have read is true! Maybe they will return in Berlin for studio shooting for another 1-2 weeks, but I guess end of November the absolute latest, filming will be completely finished.

    Makes sense.. If 12 hours of content required filming for 7 months, 2 hours require filming for 1.7 (12/7) months..

    It also becomes evident that Paris will be the biggest shoot (again, excluding any subsequent studio work in Berlin and assuming the above info is correct..).

    Silvestre posted another video:

    Middleton and Herrera seem missing (other people sat at their seats to speak their lines, but I'm sure they will both return for filming). Mann and I think Andrews seem to be there. Still can't see clearly The Chairman (who seems to be a new actor).

    No Jela or Diego from sidekicks.

    I'm unsure if left to Mitchell is Tykwer.

    edit Agyeman posted:

    Surprise ending! Even we didn't know in advance!!! That white envelope y'allll-- Full. of. Feels!!!! ☺️����������@Sense8 @netflix #whew #berlin
    Nomanita wedding?

    And a picture with some cast and a crew member:

    ������ @msjamieclayton @r_crafer @thekickgurry #BUG @sense8 @netflix #readthrough #berlin
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      So we are almost 2 days past October 2 and unfortunately there is nothing major to report.

      There's the possibility that filming has already started in a studio but it seems unlikely no one from the cast would tweet/post "day 1!".. I'm thinking it might start tomorrow, since apparently extras were required for October 4.

      So here are the small stuff I've found:

      Smith posted another picture from the table read:

      Was great having the @sense8 fam together again. Here we go!
      Koieyama posted a picture of equipment that would be used in a shooting range or something the day after the table read (so: October 2):

      While he didn't tag it with Sense8 or anything, I think it's highly probable it is part of his training for the show.

      Bae arrived in Paris for Vouitton on October 2:
      Today was the event:

      A fan caught the three writers + Winslow in "Literaturhaus Berlin" ( Translate it: ) on October 2 (or at least that's when she posted the picture):

      So honored to have met some of the directors and writers of #sense8 in Berlin where they are filming the series finale! They are a true inspiration! 🙏🏼🌟💕
      The night after the table read, I believe, the cast/crew went to celebrate in techno-club Sisyphos, based on this post by Agyeman:

      #Sisyphos #Berlin #open24hours That is all. 🎼♥️⚡️ (Translate it)

      Agyeman left Berlin yesterday:

      and is now back in London for her play:

      Her play ends November 18 so it will be interesting to see how she's going to fit Sense8 in her schedule.

      Clayton left for Sao Paulo, Brazil:

      Finally another couple of pictures by Onwumere because why not:


      Two of my favorites. Billi and Doon Doon
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        Clayton interview from Brazil:

        The actress came to Brazil straight from Berlin, where the script of the two-hour special was written, which will conclude the Sense8 story. In an interview with Omelete, the actress said that the reading was done with all the cast and crew and the last 15 pages of the script were sealed and were secret. "It's incredible. I was not sure what could happen in just two hours, but it's beautiful and a full story of action. That's what I can say. It's incredible!" she said of the final episode.

        On the fate of Wolfgang, she assured that the character is alive. "Wolfgang will be fine. We will have some obstacles, but he is well," she said.
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          Filming has evidently began in Berlin if we go by these two pictures by Hannah:

          Ewww....hmmmm.......whyyy???? #sense8 #globalcluster Love conquers all ��❌⭕️❌

          (For the fans)... & it says so right on the slate xxxxoooo #globalcluster sensies #sense8 love conquers all
          Notice the episode is literally tagged 2.12 by production (last time Rivetti posted a clapperboard he called it 2.13, in the description, but now we see 2.12 on the clapperboard itself - officially!)

          I wonder if Netflix will add the episode on the Season 2 page on their platform when it's released, meaning season 2 will consist of an "intro" special, the main episodes, and an "outro" special. Huh!

          Further confirmation filming has began by Amanda Allegretti, who now is assistant to Winslow, instead of Tykwer (that might also mean Winslow's role has been expanded since there was no reason to require an assistant before):

          And so starts the crazy, fun, emotional world win ride that is Sense8 ����������#sense8 #sense8seriesfinale #notaimee #family
          (Dunno who came up with the special's image.. Probably someone hungry )

          Agyeman preparing her head for Sense8:

          Sooo I'm either (a)cosplaying Nebula or (b)prepping for the @sense8 special which is underwayheyheeeeyy! (Clue ~ it's not a. ��Although digging the whistle look @karengillanofficial) #wigfitting #cameratrickery #menolikeytheslimey #jeremysconcentrationfacethough @sense8 @netflix
          Koieyama posted another picture: and you might recognize the woman on the right as Sarah Kants, the actress that played the bald monk first seen in the Club Paradiso scene of Season 2! So happy the special will deal with her, since she seemed super important to the future plot of the show!

          Lastly another picture by and of Bilello from Berlin: who seems to have now adopted the "Billy" nickname Onwumere used in a recent post about her (see my previous post) if we go by her Instagram page: -> "It's Billy."

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            Middleton has *finally* finished (well, hopefully) with her other obligations (see yesterday's for example: ) and joined the Sense8 production today:

            Oh hello Riley.
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              Originally posted by sense8ional View Post
              Another statement by Clayton about the script:

              (Translation: )

              "It was crazy to have canceled, it did not make sense. It was heart breaking, because we had no idea," laments Jamie. The special episode, which will be two hours long, has no date yet to debut. This week, it is being recorded in Berlin, where Jamie went after the lightning pass through Brazil. "I was not sure what they could do in two hours, but they can do a lot and it will be good. There will be a lot of action, the fans will be satisfied," she says.
              Meanwhile Rivetti has posted a couple of photos from the Berlin set..


              #setlife #cameracrew #sense8 #justanotherdayonsense8 #steadicam #shooting #johntoll #whatcouldgowrong
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                Good news! Ogola might haven't been at the table read but he will be in the special as he posted an image of the script watermarked with his name! I suspect perhaps just a cameo or something, maybe just in the final scene if it ends with Nomanita's wedding or something, dunno.


                Bae/Sun's stunt double posted a picture with Bilello and Kants (again, she is the woman who briefly played Bodhi, the bald sensate monk, in season 2) indicating the three of them are involved in a fight scene or something?


                #sense8 #sense8isback #rehearsal #training #girlswhofight #lila #bodhi #valeriabilello #fun #stunt #stunts #fightszene #fightchoreography #martialarts #martialartsgirls #stuntwoman #actionperformer #jadedre #joshuagrothe #action #buffconnection
                Lastly a picture of the Sense8 crew by Smith:

                These are the folks that make @sense8 happen - hardest working crew in the business.
                I recognize many of these people but it looks like we lost still photographer Murray Close and makeup and hair designer Alessandro Bertolazzi due to scheduling issues, additionally to production designer Hugh Bateup that I already talked about, and I'm sure some others too, but a great deal of people managed to return which is great.

                edit Bae wrapped South Korean film Drug King:

                Hopefully she's now completely free for Sense8.

                edit Koeiyama in a Japanese restaurant in Berlin:
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                  Another exclusive find


                  Sense8 final

                  Shooting location:
                  Expected shooting period:
                  2017-10-01 - 2017-11-30 (<- probably wrong)
                  Role: ADMIRAL ZHOU

                  Role description:

                  60s - early 70s; Chinese Male; he is a retired Chinese admiral and Sensate. he gives another Sensate useful information; Role is in Cantonese and English
                  Role: KOREAN NEWS REPORTER

                  mid 30s - late 40s; Korean Female; Onscreen news reporter, she reports the latest on the Bak Investment scandal ; speaks Korean and Englidsh
                  Yesss, more sensates introduced! The introduction of sensates to the plot in season 2 was one of my favorite developments.

                  edit Gurry interview:

                  TVF: Sense8 is making a surprise return. Was the fan response to the cancellation overwhelming? They brought it back.

                  Kick: We really, we felt it even before that, I actually saw a young kid in a supermarket in Melbourne the day before the show got announced that we were going to do a finale... He just looked so devastated by the end of the show and he came up and.. I just felt so terrible for this kid.

                  I said to him...."Just don't be surprised If at some point down the road you're gonna get a conclusion to this story"... about three and a half hours later online there was news of a finale, and so I went back and found the kid and he was like "You said it, you must have known!" was like, "I didn't know!"

                  TVF: Fans are very passionate about the show.

                  Kick: You sort of sense the investment that these people who watch the show have in the show, and to be able to do such a special experience and working for Lana, who's just extraordinary...History will remember her as just one of these incredible artists who created some incredible pieces of artwork.

                  TVF: Definitely, I think Sense8 is this global oneness despite who you are or where you're from. People sort of crave that, especially now.

                  Kick: Yes, especially now. It's that the things that unite us are more powerful than the things that divide us.... And I just feel like the whole world needs to just say that's where we draw the line....hopefully Sense8 can go a little bit of the way in convincing people to do that.
                  Well, I certainly hope he says to some other poor kid "don't be surprised if there's a third season..". It worked last time!

                  Kohli flying back to Berlin for Sense8!

                  Flying between layers of #clouds. Stormy skies on route to #Berlin #Sense8 special.
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                    Smith with the Allegrettis inside the BPO set: (from his Stories)

                    Is that Naveen Andrews that walks away from the camera in the background?


                    We're in production! We appreciate all of the global clusters out there, and hope to share very soon updates from set ��
                    I hope for more #Road2Sense8 pics..

                    edit Bae on her way to the Sense8 production: (from her Stories)
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                      What was Miguel doing in Ibiza?

                      Freema, Jamie, and Mike on set in Berlin:


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                        That was a few days ago that he posted it and I doubt it had anything to do with Sense8.

                        I'll post later some images from Instagram but for now I want to post this:

                        Herrera was at NYCC and when asked if we are getting the ending we deserve with the special, he said:

                        (Translation (from English to Spanish and back to English I guess): )

                        "I do not know if it's the end, uh ... Right now I had to ask permission to come, because we are filming the special episode in Berlin. But the truth is that Lana wants a third season, and the same we want all around her, so it is very possible. We're all going to try and do it and it will most likely happen and this is not really a final episode."
                        Another site has him saying something similar + more info:

                        (Translation: )

                        To participate in Comic Con, which took place between Thursday (5) and Sunday (8) in New York, the actor missed the recordings of the closing film of Sense8, which is being shot in Berlin. "But I'll be filming in Naples, Italy. I can not tell you anything about the script, but it's incredible," he said. Despite the suspense over production, Alfonso hinted that the ending will not be so conclusive. "Lana [Wachowski, creator of Sense8] had plans to do a third season, and I think she did not give up on that idea," he said.
                        I hope his role won't be too much reduced because he had to attend NYCC!

                        edit Note his answers are in stark contrast with what he said just 1.5 week ago, before having read the script and potentially spoken with Lana + others:

                        we are going to have a two hour special, and that I think will be the end of the story.

                        edit Maina returns for the special! I guess another small role like Ogola's since she too wasn't present in the table read, but it's better than nothing (plus, if they were all given big roles, the episode would just be a mess):

                        Reaaaddyyyy! ������ @sense8 @netflix ##sense8fans ##sense8season2finale #sense8season2 #Zakia #actress #international #love #grateful #lovesense8fans #netflix
                        Kohli, Koeiyama and Sommers hang together in Berlin:

                        #Sense8ing #TheBug #Maitake #Berlin #Season3 #Special
                        Agyeman got to Berlin October 8: and had her hair prepared for the role today (or yesterday?):

                        As scienceofsin posted, today she was filming with Clayton and Sommers.

                        They are still filming in Babelsberg likely as there have been no public sightings of them, plus Rivetti today posted a picture of the A camera operator between takes, tagged with "Filmpark Babelsberg":
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                          Interesting quotes from Herrera, thanks for posting those!

                          I wonder if that means he will only film in Naples? Does anyone know the Exorcist production schedule? Are they still filming? Hopefully Hernando is in more than just the Naples scenes.

                          (Off topic: While I think a third (and ideally final) season would be awesome so we could get a truly satisfying trilogy and ending . . . I really hope the special doesn't leave too many loose ends so that the show can still be marketed as a complete story. I want as many people to give it a shot as possible!)


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                            Netflix are definitely going (to continue) to market this as a series finale. I too wonder if he won't shoot at all in Berlin (or in other places than Naples)...


                            (Translation: )

                            The second season of the USA series "Sense8" will also partly be created here.
                            Where "here" is Potsdam (where Babelsberg Studio is located) and "second season" is I guess the special, since the article was published today.

                            edit According to this:

                            Lenius Jung returns as young Wolfgang (from season 1) for the special. Interesting if true that we are getting more Wolfgang flashbacks.
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                              Cast and crew (also spotted Tykwer) celebrating Smith and Bae's birthday!!!!


                              So @doonabae and I got the full birthday treatment from the @sense8 fam last night. What a great night!!
                              Kohli left Berlin:

                              Bidding adieu to Berlin. You've been fantastic as always. Until we meet again, as my friend @maxriemelt would say Lecker Schmecker Zuckerbacker! .
                              #Goodbye #Berlin #Sense8 #Special #Shooting #ShootDiaries #Picturesque #Instapic #InstaDaily
                              edit First assistant director Michael Salven posted that yesterday (October 9) was his "Last day in Berlin. Until November". (Looks like they were partying again in club Sysiphos.)

                              Make of that what you will regarding whether filming in Berlin has wrapped, where the cast and crew currently are, and whether they will return in Berlin in November (likely: yes, as they must have been shooting only in Babelsberg so far. They will likely revisit Berlin to shoot on location.)
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                                Looks like Paris is the next stop?

                                purab_kohli A walk in the clouds. On route to #London for a short break while the unit shifts between cities on #Sense8 #Special. Next stop #TheCityOfLove .
                                #Clouds #SkyGazing #SkyScape #Skygram #UpAboveTheClouds #TravelDiaries
                                Toby, Doona, and Erendira on a night shoot in Berlin . . . if Herrera hasn't been part of the most recent Berlin shoots, looks like Daniela and Hernando will be separated for part of the special.

                                tobyonwumere Night shoots. Peep @erendiritas posing but not posing.