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WSFS (Hugo) Award for Sense8 ?

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  • sense8ional
    I would say just tweet it to those Sense8 fan/campaign accounts if they are still around (no idea, I never followed them), and if they can/do something about it, cool. If not, cool too, it can still happen "organically" after all.

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  • babylonlurker
    started a topic WSFS (Hugo) Award for Sense8 ?

    WSFS (Hugo) Award for Sense8 ?

    I think most of you are familiar with the Hugo Award for fantasy and science fiction, but just in case, here goes :

    Each year the World Convention for Science Fiction (Worldcon) is organized. The location differs every year, and this year it will be in Dublin. Two kinds of membership of the Worldcon are available :
    - Full (attending) membership which I have this year, and barring illness or injury, I will be going this year.
    - Supporting membership for those who cannot attend.
    ***Both membership types*** allow you to nominate and vote for the Hugo Awards (in all its categories)

    I just received the mail informing me that the nomination process has started. The deadline for nominations is March 15.

    Should we try to get together and get Sense8 nominated, at the least ?
    This would entail going to different Sense8 fan groups and announce this information.
    What do you think ?