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B5 Books Moving Sale - AND Installments

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  • B5 Books Moving Sale - AND Installments

    I don't recall if it was mentioned in the last newsletter or not but B5 Books is moving from Kentucky back to California so they won't be able to store things at CafePress in Louisville any longer. This means that the last of the script book sets that are left from the buyback a while ago will have to be sold as well as the customer service copies of the Echoes series.

    This is great news for anybody who missed out or for new fans but it's even better. At *long* last, Paypal's come up with an installment plan! Limited, but still a great step forward.

    As is tradition (almost Minbari that way), when supplies are really limited, there's a drawing for those interested to enter for the chance to order. This is most fair to everybody all over the world, since the email just went out at 9PM Eastern time and it's the middle of the night over in Europe. Wouldn't want the fans over there to miss out.

    For full details on the installment plan, questions answered and the entry form, check out

    And don't forget...if you haven't bought your B5-20 book, $10 from each sale in November goes to support the #FreeBabylon5 campaign!!

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