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New review thread for script-by-script book discussion...

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  • New review thread for script-by-script book discussion...

    Hey, I've just found and joined this board having recently been very lucky in having the chance to buy a full set of the Babylon 5 Script books. If some of you are on the Trek BBS board, you may know me as Nutcase on there (Hello Jan ).

    I've made a start on Book 1 of the scripts, having finished the introduction, the separate intro to The Gathering, and The Gathering script over the last few days. I intend to watch it on dvd too, but I've lent out my disc, and so won't be able to see it for a week or so.

    I intend to read the scripts (including the introductions) in order, including flicking between the JMS scripts and Other Voices books, and hopefully watch the tv eps again concurrently (though doing both at the same time will depend on what time allows... watch this space ).

    I would love if anyone would like to share their throughts on the script books and/or episodes as I go through them. I hope to be able to post later today on my intial thoughts on what I've so far read. To give a preview though... the books are brilliant! Well worth the investment if you get a chance to buy a set!


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    Hi Adam/Nutcase/Just-A-Guy!

    Nice to see you over here. Looking forward to your posts.

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      Hello Adam, and welcome over here.

      I, too look forward to your posts, and it may finally get me started reading the books (I have the full set, but there is never enough time, is there ?) and do a re-watch of the whole series, with my own comments on my blog.

      I will probably take a loong time for me, if you go too fast I may have to lag behind you.

      In any case it will be *fun*.
      Jan from Denmark

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