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    Originally posted by JasonDavis View Post
    Glad you brought up the technical aspect of acting. Pat and I were just discussing that as something to flesh out in the book. Glad to know folks are interested.
    I would also find that fascinating.


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      Hi everybody, first post here. As a matter of fact I fell in love with a photo of Patricia Tallman from the "Night of the Living Dead" remake when I was younger. That's foolish of me, but a true story.

      - What I would ask from her is this : did she have to face this kind of unrequited attention from fans? (hope not!)

      - Did she bring her son to the set after he was a baby, and does he have any memory of it? Did he see her work on the show, and what did he think of it? Does he express any will to follow her steps?

      - Since she basically inherited Ivanova's subplot in season 5, did she know what part would have played Lyta originally in the Byron telepath crisis?

      - Was she able to stay in touch with fellow crewmembers after the show, or is it hard due to the nature of the business?

      - Sorry if I can't name the episode, but Lyta had a extremely violent verbal confrontation with Sheridan in one of them (Epiphanies perhaps?). Does she have any memory of that scene which struck me as very powerful (well, she just looked terrified seeing Sheridan's reaction).

      Seeing her work in Babylon 5 was (is still) a blast, I will gladly buy and read her book. Huge fan .
      Heroes never die. They're only replaced by younger actors.


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        Welcome aboard, Pascalahad! Thanks for jumping in.

        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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          Thanks ! I've been a lurker on the website (since I'm hungry for any information B5-wise), but it's only today I saw there was a discussion board!
          Heroes never die. They're only replaced by younger actors.


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            A few items I was hoping she could bring up in her book were:
            1) How did she transition between stunt work to dramatic acting, was the stunt work a transition job to becoming an actress?
            2) What was her reaction to Doug Netter's executive tour during the filming of Secrets of the Soul. JMS said he had some strong words with Mr. Netter about the tour
            3) If she could share some memories of some of the departed cast members such as Johnny Sekka, Andreas, Richard Biggs and Jeff Conaway
            4) If I remember correctly Pat did a great deal of charity work with Penny Lane (?), if she could elaborate on her involvement (past or present) with her charitable work and how her work on B5 impacted her ability to raise awareness for these charities
            5) The B5 Magazine had an article written by Pat about filming a B5 episode. Could she have that article reprinted in the book (I'm not sure if there are any copyright issues involved in this).

            On a side note (as I haven't posted in a long time), thank you so much to the B5/Crusade Script Team. Jacyln, Jason and Jan and everyone else involved you've all done a great job with the various different books series! Hopefully, a few more of these interesting projects (e.g. Joe Nazzaro's interviews from Crusade, Other Voices , the Chronology and Pat's Book) will continue to come out.