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OT: TV Script To Make Debut On Amazon's Kindle

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  • OT: TV Script To Make Debut On Amazon's Kindle

    There is now precedence for scripts to be available on Kindle, although there are probably a lot of issues that would still hinder making scripts from jms available via this media.

    TV Script To Make Debut On Amazon's Kindle1 June 2009 2:34 AM, PDT

    It may not be currently possible to watch movies or TV shows on Amazon's Kindle electronic book reader, but beginning today (Monday), Kindle owners will be able to do the next best thing -- download a free version of the pilot script for the Showtime series Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco. According to Advertising Age, the Kindle deal is only one of many Showtime and corporate parent CBS Inc. have made since the device was introduced last year. Jon Haber, director of Ignition Factory, a unit of Omnicom Group's Omd, told the trade publication that while no advertising yet appears on the Kindle, "we still saw it as an opportunity to use our client's content as advertising." He called the move "the first step in figuring out how marketers can use this platform and provide some value to consumers from a content standpoint while finding a way to raise awareness and buzz about a product, or in this case a TV show." The premiere episode of Nurse Jackie, scheduled to air on June 8, is also being posted on Showtime's website,

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    Heck , I'd be happy with a decent kindle version of a quote book.

    Kindle app on the iphone is pretty good.
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      That's a cool way to generate 'buzz' for a new show. Thanks for passing that along. I may take a look.

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