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    Don't see any threads on the book so I'll start one!

    So I looked through the book and have been enjoying it quite a bit. The season one order is the same as the magazine and doesn't quite make sense with me, but I've gone into that before already (and some things still bug me about the 3 different orders I have already posted in various threads here). One of those unsolvable puzzles I think.

    The interesting things I did notice for the other seasons were this:

    "The Long Dark" has been moved to *after* Soul Mates. Would never have thought of it. Reasoning was because of a human ranger. Interesting.

    "Thirdspace" was moved to all the way to after "Moments of Transition." Also not a place I would have ever thought of.

    "Day of the Dead" moved to early in season 5, right after "A View from the Gallery" and Terry's reasoning is a line that always bugged me too -- that Garibaldi seems to be referring to Byron's telepaths, but the only entirely consistent way that would work is if Day of the Dead was before the episodes where Londo is off-station.

    For the non-TV stuff (comics and novels) the main chronology only includes the more canon stuff -- so comics #1 - 8, novel #7, #9 and the trilogies, and the short stories. The second much shorter chronology includes ALL the fiction, and the episode order it follows is the same as the PTEN order.

    However, both chronlogies have different Crusade orders, which don't match the jms order or the TNT order. That one is more of a puzzle than season 1

    Overall, I think the information is great, and I really enjoyed reading the little touches that jms added, like when Morabuto was born. I am surprised that some things weren't added or asked about, like if jms really intended the sun to go nova by having jump points open inside it, or if that was just one of the possible ways jms had considered. My only other wish would be for pictures, but I realize that would involve WB and it's still easy to enjoy the chronology without them.
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    OK, I'm just wondering why sometimes the chronology will reference stuff jms has said, and sometimes assumptions are made that contradict what jms said.

    Example of something that is similar to what jms said:

    Garibaldi passes peacfully in his sleep. jms said he had a much quieter passing than expected so this makes sense.

    Example of something that is different from what jms said:

    Delenn passes in her sleep -- WHAT!? jms said her final journey was a quest involving Valen that nobody else believed. How come this is not in the chronology? (I suppose she could pass peacefully in her sleep on the quest, but the quest isn't even mentioned in the chronology)

    A couple of ther assumptions that contradict what jms has said:

    Fate of Takashima -- the chronlogy claims she was turned in for her involvement in Kosh's attempted assassination -- BUT jms said a few times that Takashima had been transferred to a classified assignment on the Rim (it's even in the script for Points of Departure, although I think the scene got cut).

    The weirdest thing involves the Crusade order -- in the chronology it's stated that jms said "Patterns of the Soul" was referencing "Visitors from Down the Street" but the chronology *still* doesn't follow that order, instead spacing the episodes apart to follow the costume changes more or less (although I thought the laundry accident was supposed to be in "To the Ends of the Earth" and that event is separated from the episode in the chronology.)

    Why all the assumptions in the places where there didn't have to be any?


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      Does this book include any information on the telepath war or the events between the end of the show and SiL that might not actually be in any books?
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