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Maybe Crusade scripts?

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  • Maybe Crusade scripts?

    The jms scripts books have ended. I went to the web-page to see, and there is an interesting message on the page now:

    In August, watch your e-mailbox for an announcement that will make B5 fans smile.
    Crusade scripts maybe?

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    That would be rather refreshing, given JMS could write a (from memory) transcript of the *entire* lost commentary.

    Wishful thinking aside, it would be nice to see the entire arc spelled out, by pen, of the Master.


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      I'm still hoping for the quote book. It would make my posting to other threads alot easier.
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        Originally posted by glindros View Post
        I'm still hoping for the quote book. It would make my posting to other threads alot easier.
        It's only (checks calendar) seven years late, now.
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          Six. Wasn't it supposed to be published in celebration of the 10th anniversary of B5? The call for fan submissions was in May 2002.

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            I would love to have the Crusade Scripts, and the outline, and JMS comments on the show....
            I'd buy that set (and I didn't buy the B5 set) so I could know what was supposed to happen with the Excalibur.

            But now that you've reminded me of the quotes book I suspect that's more likely to be the announcement. I'm sure many (quote-submitting) fans would really smile at that.
            And I would too, I guess... but if it was the Crusade scripts I'd grin!
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              I would love to see the Crusade script books, although if JMS is so busy at the moment, I suspect he wouldn't have as much time to deal with the behind-the-scenes machinations, which with memos could probably take up an entire book of their own. I'd rather wait for a comprehensive Cusade book or two than get short-changed so to speak, in order to get them out quickly.