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  • Non-JMS script books

    I am writing this from the Eastercon/Orbital2008 in London :

    Main Guest of Honour is Neil Gaiman - a deciding factor for my coming here.

    I was asked by glindros to ask Neil Gaiman about his position on having his "Day of the Dead" script included in a non-JMS script book collection, and he reply sounded positive to me. Had his published "Day of the Dead" script book with me and got it signed.

    You can find my blog entries for the Orbital2008 on (not making double entries to blogspot while on the con.

    Today I the programme includes The Lost Tales , so probably meeting a few more B5 fans here. It seems to me that a lot of people on this con are B5 fans , so have got lots of B5 talk here. I think it helps having a Ranger Pin.
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    I really hope a non-JMS script book comes out.

    JMS has expressed an interest in doing it after his scripts are done.

    I would love an introduction by Peter David, along with the teddy bear story, and where that bear is today.
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