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    Originally posted by Karen View Post
    It seems there are no working DES codes for $10.00 off this time. (I tried numbers into the 170's)
    While searching this morning, I came upon a discussion amongst other CP sellers bemoaning the fact that they seem to have discontinued the DES $10 off codes.

    The $5 off variety seem to be the best we can hope for on this one, which is still pretty cool -- it takes care of most of the shipping...


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      If the DES codes are gone I will mourn, but will take the $5 off codes. Any little bit helps! Hopefully they are just taking a break and will have the DES ones around major holidays.


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        I just checked my CafePress account and they already have it as shipped! They have never worked so fast before. The tracking number isn't up yet, but I just ordered it at 11:00 pacific time. What a day. JMS answers my question (see the PAD script thread) and CafePress is going at Flash speed. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.