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Anyone got a problem with the front/back covers?

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  • Anyone got a problem with the front/back covers?

    It's not a serious issue, but I find it sometimes annoying. I got the latest volume 10 script last week, and I uwrapped it, figuring out it was in good condition. Not until the next day when I woke up just to find out the front and back cover curled up by itself. Every timewhen I finished reading it, I had to put a very thick and heavy biochemistry textbook on it in order to keep it from curling up again. Like I just said, it not a big deal but annoying. I was just wondering if any of you had the same problem and found it annoying? I started to collect this script series from vol.5, but I didn't find vol.5 had the same problem. Maybe it's probably because the covers of vol.5 is a little more thicker. Here are the photoes I took of the curled-up covers of vol.10:
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    Same here, but it's not really a problem since I stacked them.
    Maybe a suggestion to make to CafÚpress?
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      It happens to all of them simply because of the size of the book. I keep mine on a bookshelf between bookends and the curl goes away after the book's been closed for a while.

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        I have that problem too - I just thought it was me not being careful enough, and I'm pretty damn careful with my script books! But I think all papercover books do that, don't they? Of course I'm not as careful with regular books.
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          I have the same problem. Of course, the black covers are also a magnet for fingerprints as well.



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            Yeah, same problem here. I think I noticed it first with Volume 9, probably 8. It can be annoying when you read it the first time, but after you put it in a bookshelf it gets better.


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              "size of the book"

              How about the light cover stock?


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                This was the first volume that it seemed to be an issue for me. I don't remember any of my other books having that problem.


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                  Cover Situation

                  Hi Folks,

                  Great timing on this thread about covers.

                  A few weeks ago we started talking to Cafepress quality control about this.

                  Frankly we've gotten only 5 emails about curly covers out of the boatloads of books sold since Volume 1. Naturally we noted these as they came in but since there was no critical mass on it was prioritzed accordingly.

                  Regarding the timing of this thread, today we got a call from their head of quality control with an encouraging progress report.

                  That said, if you folks notice even the slightest issue with quality, please email the Scripts Team about it at [email protected]. NOTHING to us is nit-picky. And the more emails we see on a topic, the higher up the priority list it goes.

                  Keep in mind that JMS wants everyone to have the best experience possible with their books, so you are doing us a BIG favor by letting us know of anything you find.

                  Best regards,
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                    I've got all the volumes thus far and all of the covers curl if left out in the open. In fact, I can see vol 10 from where I sit. I left it on top of the bookcase. The top cover has curled and the top few pages show some bubbling as if it were to humid. (Long Island, NY in March is not as humid as it's going to get). I'll take pictures if you like.
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                      Likewise, all 10 volumes will do this if left to their own devices ... just never been a big issue for me.
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                        I just checked mine and all of them have 'de-curled' in the bookcase. MattersNot, be sure to email your note to [email protected] . The Scripts Team may keep monitoring here now that they're aware there's a problem but the email is your best bet for immediate attention.

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                          <sigh> Of course they'll "de-curl" in the bookcase. It's the same reason they don't arrive curled. (Hint: the plastic wrap holds it flat). Leave one out and see if it curls. I just figured it was the nature of the cover stock weight and lamination. I'll e-mail "help". Realistically, what are they going to do?


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                            I guess it depends on the situation. If it's something unusual, I'm sure they'll replace the book.

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                              The volume's that I have received are sitting on a book shelf that is open front to back. (it actually seperates one room from another) There seems to be just the slightest of corner curl. So much so you can hardly see it. I feel lucky that I am not having this problem.