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    I ordered volume 1 the day it was released, and since then had only managed to order volumes 2 and 3. No real reason for not having the remaining volumes that have been released, just have been lazy, or enough time goes by that I forget to keep up to date on them.
    Today I ordered volume 10 because I am really interested in the treatment that is going to be included about the show that never happened. I will get all of the volumes before time runs out on them, for obvious reasons. The fifteenth volume looks great, and I am sure there will be alot more in it.
    I have to admit that I have been really impressed with the information in the first 3 volumes that I have, and having read the synopsis of the other volumes, I can be reasonably assured that they are just as good if not better. It just flat out amazes me that JMS and the script team have pulled all of this together, aside from some early production issues and delays in volume releases due to JMS's schedule.


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      Originally posted by Karen View Post
      For $10.00 off use DES147. I'm not sure when it expires, but if it stops working try DES 148. 147 was working as of 4 minutes ago.

      147 is expired, but 148 is good.
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        Is Cafe Press under new management? Or are they finally getting a clue?

        For the first time with my orders, it was delivered promptly (as in, through UPS, not that stupid UPS to post office, let the post office deliver it thing), with no errors. And the cover wasn't even bent this time (it happened before). There aren't any publishing errors inside (pages upside down, etc) as I've heard from others in previous editions.

        This is the first volume I have ordered where I can say I'm actually happy with the entire ordering/delivering process. Whoever took over at Cafe Press, thank you. Keep it up. Please!
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          Mine did not ship as fast as some other people's did.


          I always order two copies of each volume. With Volume 1, I ordered one, then ordered another. But with all other volumes, I've ordered two copies together at the same time. And, more often than not, they've sent me only one copy, forcing me to call them to ask for my 2nd copy as ordered.

          Well, with Volume 10, this is one of about 3 or 4 times out of 9 that they've gotten it right, with both copies sent at the same time.

          Also, they have been sending the books in very tight, plain-white cardboard wrapping that's so close to the size of the books that it doesn't really count as a box. It's always worried me that if rain blew up on my porch when its delivered, getting the box wet would automatically get the books wet. With Volume 10, they sent the two books in an actual box with the CafePress logo on it. Granted I've never had problems before, and it's just that much more cardboard I'm putting out for recycling, but there's just something about a full-size box, especially with the company logo, that represents more professionalism and better concern for the customer and the product.

          Renewed kudos for CafePress.


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            If you've got a UPS person who'd leave a package where it could get wet, you need a new UPS person.

            Oddly enough, I believe that they came up with the white boxes in response to customer input. Originally, they came swathed in bubble wrap but corners still bot bent from the book moving around. The white boxes have the 'bumpers' on the ends to help prevent that and the shrink wrap should help prevent wetness, which shouldn't really be CP's concern.

            Glad you got yours all right in the end.

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              Originally posted by Jan View Post
              If you've got a UPS person who'd leave a package where it could get wet, you need a new UPS person.
              Mine arrived this Wednesday when it snowed. The person put it under our welcome mat so the box only got a little snow on it. Luckily the book itself was unharmed. It arrived relatively quickly, shipping from Kentucky and so got here a bit quicker than the times when it came from the West Coast.



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                While mine takes longer, since I'm in Washington State. Oh well. They seem to be doing a better job, so I guess sending it out quicker offsets the shipping time.


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                  i recieved mine today, friday march 9th, read the intro and the rangers series info ..glad to have it, good buy .. will dig into the rest once my kids goto sleep .. heh ... very prompt delivery, book arrived in great condition


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                    I got a phone call in Mayo yeasterday (Friday) to say mine had arrived @ my parents house. That 8 days from order to ship, not too bad I suppose.
                    Oh and I'm movign westwards soon, secured a property yestrday and pointed out to my friend (with van) where I live on a map (both lold and new place).
                    IF I'm offline for a bit it's because there's no phone where I'm going yet and I'm nto ure about access from work.
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