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    Here's what's in the new volume according to the email I just got today-

    ò Rumors, Bargains and Lies
    ò Moments of Transition
    ò No Surrender, No Retreat
    ò The Exercise of Vital Powers
    ò The Face of the Enemy
    ò Intersections in Real Time
    (A Passing Shadow)
    ò Between the Darkness and the Light
    Hot on the heels of the first screening at the February 2007 New York Comic Con of the director's video blogs for Babylon 5: The Lost Tales comes Volume 10, which might as well be called Babylon 5: The Lost Arc.

    Read in more detail than ever announced what steps were taken to truncate the 5 year arc into 4 years at the request of Warner Bros...and the previously unknown back-room maneuvering underway to try and save that last important year.

    Discover a lengthy memo to TNT for an ALTERNATE VERSION OF SEASON FIVE, with a whole new overarching story that would have been keyed to building the empire that was now the Interstellar Alliance.

    Most startling of all, this volume contains a recently uncovered FULL LENGTH TREATMENT for the B5 sequel series JMS had proposed before Crusade, that was his first choice over what eventually became Crusade, a series that would have starred Sheridan, Delenn, G'Kar, Marcus, one of the Zathrii, and several others in a story set against the backdrop of the Alliance attempting to create interstellar peace.

    And on the back cover, the full-color illustration done by artist Peter Ledger that showed, for the first time ever, what the interior of the Garden area of Babylon 5 would look like.

    As if all that were not enough, add 56 pages of original introduction and commentary written just for this volume, AND the full, original production drafts for some of the most pivotal and fan-favorite episodes of Season Four.

    (What's that you ask? What the heck is "A Passing Shadow" and how did this script transmute itself into "Intersections in Real Time" by way of one of the most amazing coincidences in television history? Get Volume 10 and find out.)
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      Thanks for the coupon, especially since I skipped 9 and had to pick it up now. Perfect.
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        I'm looking forward to hearing what JMS has to say about 'Intersections in Real Time,' which is still one of my two or three episodes. I'm also interested if Joe will talk about losing their original actor (I believe it was Dakin Matthews if memory serves) and bringing in Raye Birk with literally one day's notice. Considering that character has page after page of dialogue, I think Birk did a phenomenal job, but considering how little time he had to work with, I have even more respect for the work he did.


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          Originally posted by Joe Nazzaro View Post
          ... I think Birk did a phenomenal job, but considering how little time he had to work with, I have even more respect for the work he did.
          As did Bruce Boxleitner if memory serves.

          It is just a pity that that enforced change meant JMS had to change his original plan to actually film each act as a single take.
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            My book has been shipped! Cafe Press is doing a GREAT job this time. Gotta start watching the street for the UPS truck. I can't wait to dig in!


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              Well, I took a big gulp, whipped out the credit card, and ordered #3-10 so I'll be all caught up. The extras in #10 sure sound great.

              Assuming the script books get back on schedule, how often do new ones come out? Every couple of months?


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                Not So, the bad news is there doesn't seem to be any set schedule, other than when JMS can find the extra time to put the material together. The good news is you seem to have plenty of pages to keep you occupied for a while, unlike the rest of us who are now on the one-book-at-a-time schedule.


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                  Ordered mine. Thanks for the coupon, Karen.


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                    Originally they were coming out around 4-6 weeks apart, with a three month gap between and 8 and 9 and now an almost 6 month gap between 9 and 10.

                    Be interesting to see how long it takes for 11 to hit the streets.
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                    The Pessimist: The glass is half empty
                    The Engineer: The glass is twice as big as it needs to be


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                      holy cr*p, it's shipped
                      I've never seen one ship this fast.
                      I've had to send it to my parents house though, as I'm moving to mayo (in the west of ireland, somwhere I've been trying to get to for 4 years) in about a fortnight.
                      The only downside to htis move (he said wandering merrily off topic) I'll have to transfer my broadband, which will mean (for a while at least
                      dial up
                      on the "running away from JAn's moderatory powers for going off-topic" ID
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                        <dragging things back on-topic (but I sympathize on the dial-up, Phaze)>

                        I've seen lots of people posting that their books are shipping already regardless of the notice that it would take a minimum of 5 days to ship (including mine!!). This is great news. I got a note from the Scripts Team a few minutes ago saying that their intuition to give Cafe' Press an extra couple of days to pre-print was spot-on, that orders for Volume 10 are outpacing Volume 9 so far and most of the early orders are already shipping.

                        Yay! Script books are back!

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                          Yeah, I got word that mine shipped as well. Gotta respect people who learn from experience.


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                            Yep, got my e-mail that it had shipped yesterday, less than 24 hours after the order was placed.

                            After everything that was thrown at Cafepress after the first volume or two, you have to give them kudos for the way they have responded and turned this into a pretty slick operation.
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                            The Pessimist: The glass is half empty
                            The Engineer: The glass is twice as big as it needs to be


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                              I've put my order in ... I'm expecting it'll be delayed for at least several days. With the blizzard we're under, we haven't had mail/UPS/any other deliveries yesterday or today, and we've already been told there most likely will be none before Monday. That's going to back things up considerably.

                              Fun, fun.
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                                Originally posted by Karen View Post
                                For $10.00 off use DES147. I'm not sure when it expires, but if it stops working try DES148.
                                I'm quoting this for those that don't go back and read previous pages. I don't want anyone to miss out on the discount.