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  • New info. on book #10

    New e-mail sent out:

    January 12, 2006

    From J. Michael Straczynski

    For those who signed up for the mailing, a bit of an inside update on where things stand on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (whose production was hailed just this week in the new TV Guide under the "Cheers and Jeers" column) (and yes, we got the "cheer" part of that, wiseass)...

    I'll be flying back up to Vancouver toward the end of the month to supervise the dialogue looping and to start reviewing the finished CGI shots being created by Atmosphere.

    We've also designed a brand new title sequence for Babylon 5, which incorporates all of the major characters, and emphasizes the interconnectedness of the characters seen over the show. There will also be a separate set-piece placed just before the main title sequence that will tie back visually to our series finale, "Sleeping in Light," in kind of a tribute to the end of that volume and the starting of this one.

    We're also finishing up the director's blogs and behind- the-scenes pieces, which will show Bruce, Tracy, Peter and our new cast members, with the former group commenting on both the future of B5 and their own memories and reflections on Babylon 5. There will also be meditations and tributes to the passing of Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas from their fellow cast members.

    The director's blogs will follow production from script through prep and shooting...though in some cases with a bit of an unusual approach. (I can never do anything serious with a straight face.) You see, there was something innovative and new and unusual and artsy that I wanted to do with this movie, but did the studio get the majesty, the novelty, the innovativeness of that idea? No, no, of COURSE not. But by gosh you'll get a preview of it here...and the world of SF will never be the same again....

    P.S. We've updated the photo collection with 5 more photos.

    Important Message from the Scripts Team

    Volume 10 is in pre-production and the plan is for a February release. When in February you want to know? So do we!

    You see, JMS has been given the ultimate time line wrecker -- jury duty. (JMS on a jury. What we would give to be in that deliberation room).

    We may be lucky and he could be in and out in a couple days...or he gets stuck in a hot room with 11 angry men.

    Either way, how this shakes out will become more apparent in the next week. As soon as we have a release date we will let you know.

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    Look what I just found on the Scripts site!!

    Release date: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 10:00AM Pacific Time

    Edited to add (with permission from Jaclyn, Scripts Team Captain):

    Volume 10 is a go for February 28. Actually we could have released it sooner because JMS made it a priority and got the material to us ahead of schedule. That said, we've gotten so much email about v10 that we had to give CafePress a few extra days to pre-print, since we are anticipating over-the-top demand.
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      you beat me by about 20 minutes on that one Jan.
      here was me thinking you'ld be so hepped up with NYCC stuff you wouldn't have time to check.
      Once again I bow humbly before you.
      on the "10am pacific makes it about 6pm my time" ID
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        Sorry, Phaze. I think my middle name should be 'Compulsive'.

        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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          Damn! I've been checking almost daily and I didn't catch it - I even checked this morning, obviously too soon. Still, in the end, who cares - as long as we know it's coming out soon.
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            Yay! I feel like I've been waiting forever. Wow. They just barely made that February release date. I hope we can get back to a regular schedule now that the holidays are over. Can't wait for my fix!


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              Originally posted by Karen View Post
              Can't wait for my fix!
              At least this is a healthy fix!

              Puts a happy smile on my face too.
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                As of 12:54pm EST, Volume 10 is available! For a $5 off coupon, use CLOUDSHELL...


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                  For $10.00 off use DES147. I'm not sure when it expires, but if it stops working try DES 148. 147 was working as of 4 minutes ago.


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                    I just ordered my book. The ordering anticipation is over, now the anticipation for getting it begins!
                    Flying around the room under my own power.


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                      I'm so thankful for the $10 off coupons you post Karen! They really help me not feel guilty about treating myself to speedy delivery.


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                        Karen, thanks for the $10 off coupon. Once again, much appreciated.


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                          You are all very welcome. It's nice to help my fellow fivers in some small way.


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                            Just ordered mine, thanks for the $10 off coupon Karen, every little bit helps!


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                              Thanks Karen, $10 helps with the international shipping!