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Happy Anniversary to JMS & the Scripts Team

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  • ZenoParadoxus
    Originally posted by Karen
    BTW, ôNObody expects the Babylon 5 Fan!ö
    Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as:

    "Reflection. Surprise. Terror. For the future."
    "We live for The One. We die for The One."
    A nice black uniform.


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  • Karen
    Wow, has it been that long already? Happy anniversary to all involved. And many thanks to JMS for giving us way more than we could reasonably expect.

    BTW, ôNObody expects the Babylon 5 Fan!ö
    Are you comparing us to the Spanish Inquisition, or am I just getting old?

    For those of you scratching your heads, please go watch some Monty Python for gosh sakes.

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  • DeMonk
    I wholeheartedly agree!

    And don't forget the speedy service nowadays. I'm amazed because the start was a bit iffy...

    In happy expection of a "big" package...

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  • Jan
    started a topic Happy Anniversary to JMS & the Scripts Team

    Happy Anniversary to JMS & the Scripts Team

    I've just sent this post to the moderated newsgroup but it seems appropriate to also post it here:

    At some time this evening itÆll be exactly one year since went online and IÆd like to thank JMS, the Scripts Team, CafÚ Press and anyone else involved in bringing us the Script books.

    Ever since ôTales from the New Twilight Zoneö, IÆve loved reading the æstory of the storyÆ, finding out what made it worthwhile for episodes to be written and behind-the-scenes tales and the script books accomplish that and much more. In these books we get insights into the personal story of why each script came to be as well as the larger picture of how and why it fell into the B5 arc as it did. The hard work done by everybody involved and how they contributed to the tapestry that was being woven is recognized once again and the triumphs and tribulations of making a show that we all care for is told with humor and sometimes wrenching honesty (not to mention a fascinating supply of asides, tangents, footnotes and parentheticals).

    Naturally, in the tradition of B5, the distribution got off to a bit of a rocky start due to the unprecedented nature of the project. ôNObody expects the Babylon 5 Fan!ö First, the influx of fans signing up to be notified of the bookÆs publication date overwhelmed the database. Then CafÚ Press had to learn the hard way what it meant that æJMSÆs people were comingÆ. They stepped up to the challenge and designed packaging that would satisfy the collectors among us and improved their shipping procedures as challenges arose and have displayed the great customer service that fans have come to expect from projects associated with JMS.

    And letÆs not forget the Scripts Team. I doubt if I understand half of what they do that falls under the heading JMS called the ôheavy liftingö to bring us these books. What I do know is that Jaclyn and her elves have been great helping smooth over any bumps in the road and their responsiveness to the fans has been exemplary. Their duties have increased since the project was first announced, too, with the addition of the quote gear and the limited edition Declaration of Principles print.

    As usual with anything B5 related, after a bit the world sits up and takes notice that something special is going on, as when USA Today did a front page article in the Money section about the record-breaking numbers of script books being sold. Suddenly print-on-demand was losing the stigma of ævanity pressÆ and becoming far more respectable. The short lag time between the writing and publication has been likened to ægetting a letterÆ from JMS with each volume.

    So now weÆve got nine of the planned fourteen volume set (with many more sets to follow, I hope). Originally we thought weÆd be closer to the end of this first set but JMS is incredibly busy telling new stories, both B5 and others, right now so IÆm happy to wait longer between volumes. Good things are worth waiting for.

    Happy Anniversary to JMS and the Scripts Team. Thanks for everything!