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B5Books - Future Multimedia Editions ?

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  • B5Books - Future Multimedia Editions ?

    I was just thinking on the fact that the Multimedia Editions were great for fans who didn't get the chance to have the paper edition, and to be sure that future fans will be able to have access the content, while remaining fair to those who purchased the original releases.
    Which items among the B5Books Catalog do you think could be redone the same way?

    I was thinking about the Asked & Answered series, as to me, a multimedia edition would be perfect and would be far more practical than the original books :
    - possibility to search simply with a keyword through all the questions and answers (instead of having to go into different books to browse all the Q&As related to one keyword)
    - having a more practical approach to display the Q&As : instead of having long pages of content, just use accordions to display them, like here : (click on the "Item" labels)
    - having the fact that those messages were originally online and putting them "back online" would make sense to me
    - crosslinking : to further the experience, having the possibility of having the keywords of the questions and answers linked back to the other Multimedia Editions (Encyclopedia / B5-20) : it makes sense that, after browsing an entry on the encyclopedia, you can read for example all the other entries on the subject through an online version of "Asked & Answered"

    What do you think about it ? Would it make sense to you ?
    What other items of the B5Books catalog do you think would be relevant on a Multimedia edition, while staying fair to the original customers who bought the paper version ?
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    Cool idea. Whilst I didn't go in for the Encyclopedia, I do like the concept of cross linking and expanding content to include extra trivia. I mean, Lurker's Guide does that very well already, but I'd see no harm in adding extras from the existing catalogue to create a more complete overview.

    As time marches on and tech changes, a digital approach becomes more and more viable, cost effective and environmentally friendly than $60 books, which even at the time, were a bit over the odds for POD style books, which are quite bare bones in their presentation. Save the book format for the deluxe art books style items (B5 20, etc).

    For the rest, and the future, if it's text heavy, I'd love to see Kindle editions at a lower cost, cut out printing costs and shipping and you can pass that saving onto the fans.
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