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    Originally posted by DeMonk
    OK, I did fill in the form. I'll let you know how they respond.
    This was the answer from Jaclyn: Great catch. Even our proofer missed it. We are going to change with the next printing.
    Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side and the truth.
    John Sheridan


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      Passing ...

      One thing that I was surprised didn't make it in his notes on Passing Through Gethsemane is that he had originally wanted this plot in an earlier season - here is the note from the Lurker's guide -
      On another service, someone without considering what he was saying (not his fault, it just happened) said, in essence, "What if somebody on B5 found out that he had been mind-wiped, and used to be something awful previously?" Well, I'd had "Passing Through Gethsemane" on the wire at that time, but when I saw this, I had to scuttle the story. It lay there, untouched, for over a year, until I could finally meet the fellow and get a signed release indicating what'd happened. If that fan had not been fair and reasonable, that episode -- which many consider one of our best -- would never have been made.