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    A quick question. I know that the script books contain only the scripts that you wrote. Will the additional material that you're writing for these books give insight into how Lawrence G. Ditillio, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, et al, were given their assignments and/or came up with their stories -- or what changes had to be made (if any) to their scripts before shooting? I was curious about this since rewatching some of the episodes in the first season, I noticed that some "arc elements" had been originated in scripts by authors other than you.

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    Hi, SuperCope, and welcome.

    JMS doesn't post here (check out the FAQ) and, as far as we know, doesn't read here at all, either. He does post on the moderated newsgroup , though, and similar questions have been asked there. Those are archived here. One post that seems to come close is this one..

    I don't remember specifics, but JMS has also posted in the past that almost every script had at least some polishing done by him to make sure that the 'voices' of the characters seemed right. He also mentions in the books that, with only a couple of exceptions, he gave out the script assignments so I imagine that he would also have included what arc elements he needed.

    I can tell you from my collection of scripts that the colored pages in 'non-JMS' scripts is always greater but whether that's due to JMS revising or the fact that it was early on in the story and things were tweaked more back then, there's no telling from the scipts

    He also mentioned in one of the script books that Ivanova's healing at the end of the Earth Civil war was supposed to *either* be by the alien healing device from 'Quality of Mercy' *or* from a sample of Deathwalker's serum that Franklin had kept.

    The script books are a fascinating read if you can get them.

    Again, welcome. Hang out and chat, okay?

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      Thank you, Jan.