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  • Glad things finally worked out for you! I'm doing two of each volume, too. I knew already that I'd be reading them multiple times and wanted to have one copy I didn't have to be careful of.

    I think I've decided that the light switch in my hallway will be the one honored by the new cover. The hall is between the living room and bedroom and is often 'grey' if I don't use that switch.

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    • Volume 4

      Just for your info: Volume 4 has a release date of February 1 on the Scripts site!


      • Things To Do: Feb 1, 2006

        Pay Rent -- Check

        Pay bills --Check

        Order Volume 4 --Check

        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


        • Got Shirt First

          Well I order a shirt and my book at the same time. Well volume three got sent first, a day my later my shirt got sent so which one will arrive first it is the shirt which came today and the book will proably came Friday or Saturday. Thank you UPS

          Otherwise it has been good a little long wait like about a week before it arrives.


          • I'm luckier!!!

            Originally posted by RangerSam
            Got shirt first
            In Brussels it's the other way around: got my book today. Shirt not yet arrived.
            Well, so much for that wonderful intention of cleaning my appartment tonight. The work won't run away, will it!
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            • Got my order just a while ago..

              Believe me .. this pains me to have to say this, but Cafe Press screwed up again, just like last month. I ordered 2 books and they only sent 1. They even put a checkmark on the packing slip right beside the "2" in the quantity column. No big deal I guess, as I can't read 2 of them at the same time. I just hope if it continues that they don't stop believing me that there is one copy actually missing ...


              • Mine arrived in work this morning. I see they've sorted out the whole "Ceramic Item" thing on the box. Printed on my box was "1 book".
                I know I should read these in conjunction with watching the episodes but I've soooooo much else to watch.

                Just another comment on ordering in general. I use cdwow ( because they're cheap. They posted a DVD to me on the 1st of January - it still hasn't arrived from UK to Ireland, and CafÚ PRess can get something to me from the states in 9 days?

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                • Originally posted by phazedout
                  Just another comment on ordering in general. I use cdwow ( because they're cheap. They posted a DVD to me on the 1st of January - it still hasn't arrived from UK to Ireland, and CafÚ PRess can get something to me from the states in 9 days?
                  And CDWow don't have to manufacture the item first either.
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                  • Whenever I order from CD-Wow it ships from Hong Kong. Slightly further than the UK


                    • Cafe Press - shipping/packaging issues

                      Hey, gang, I'm curious to know how you've found the condition of the books (and other merchandise) you've been receiving from Cafe Press. Specifically, have your books been shipped in oversized boxes with plenty of bubble wrap to protect them, or are you getting single volumes shipped with just a thin wrapping of cardboard around them, and getting books with dented corners?

                      My volume one - which was the only thing I ordered at the time - came in a nice, large box, with bubble wrap, and was in pristine condition. Volumes two and three, however, even though they were ordered with additional merchandise (which you'd think would necessitate a larger box), came with a thin wrapping of cardboard taped around each. This wasn't a rigid, single-book box like you get from Amazon - it was more like the cardboard you get when you cut down a large box with an exacto knife, and cut just enough to fit around the single book and wrap it tight with packing tape. In other words, like merely a 'skin' around the book, with no padding to protect it. The other merchandise came under separate cover, but if they had used a larger box and sent everything together, I'd have avoided the dented corners I've gotten with both volumes two and three (three was quite damaged, sad to say).

                      Cafe Press offered to replace volume two when I called about it. Since it wasn't that bad, guilt prevented me from accepting a second copy from them. I did, however, ask them to note in my account that I want subsequent shipments to be in large boxes with bubble wrap. Having received volume three last night, in the same kind of packaging as volume two - and with much worse damage - I'm moved to find out how everyone else's experiences have been.


                      • Hope you don't mind, I've moved this down to the ongoing thread.

                        To answer the question, I'm ordering two of each volume. In all three cases I got my order in a big box but in the case of Volume #2, I only got one copy. When they sent the replacement volume, it was in a shipping envelope but there was no damage.

                        From the posts here, I think CP has improved markedly in their procedures since the first onslaught of B5'ers hit them. Hope they'll be able to fix your problem promptly.

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                        • I too have gotten the cardboard "skin", although I've seen that in use from other places, so I think it's a bit more standard than some dude wielding a box cutter.
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                          • Good question AmyG.

                            Volume 1 was great .. both my books bubble wrapped in an oversized box.

                            Volume 2 came in a small box, the book was covered only by the plastic sheathing the put it in, no padding. They left out my second copy, and it came in even a smaller box-envelope .. like you would ship a letter in a FED EX package. I wouldn't have put it into such a small box-envelope. It was in the plastic sheathing. The envelope was damaged .. an end torn from it, and it put a dent in the edge of the book. I didn't say anything to them.

                            Volume 3 came much the same as volume 2, except I ordered a mug also. The mug was bubble wrapped fine .. the book not, but was in good shape. They left the second copy out again, and I just received that copy a few minutes ago. Again, it was in a sub-standard box-envelope .. the book just barely fit inside. The box-envelope was damaged again, but the book was in fine shape.

                            I don't feel the box-envelope is enough to protect it good enough in shipping .. but I won't say anything to them about it.


                            • Nacho, why won't you say anything to Cafe Press about it? If they don't hear from people that the shipping experience is less than satisfactory, how can they ever correct that?

                              In fact, since posting my initial message here, I've had some correspondence with Jaclyn of the B5 scripts team. She's said that Cafe Press is currently reviewing their packaging standards for the B5 merchandise, and she has asked me to encourage people with complaints or specific problems (like dented books) to send them along to her at:

                              [email protected]

                              I hope that any of you with packaging issues will do so. Jaclyn's very nice, and also very good at what she does - but she can't help Cafe Press make an informed decision about packaging standards without the input of people who have had problems.

                              Anybody else get dented books, or merchandise that's been otherwise damaged?


                              • My first two volumes came in nice big boxes and in bubble wrap. My third volume came in just the cardboard box and the plastic sheet. Lucky that volume was fine.

                                Also I did do a survey for Cafepress about there shipping. I don't have that link anymore I don't know how many actually got the survey. Cafefree express sent it though my email and I deleted that email