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Andreas Katsulas in Max Headroom

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  • Andreas Katsulas in Max Headroom

    I was just watching a REALLY old tape of the show Max Headroom and I had forgotten that Andreas Katsulas has a very small role in one of the episodes. Does anyone else remember this amazing show? It really was way ahead of its time. I also thought it was great to see Andreas without his makeup on and in his pre-G'Kar days.

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    *sight* Good memories, that show... sadly I wasn't able to get it, neither on DVD nor in the Net 8-(

    The think I liked most about Max Headroom is that it was genuily funny, making fun of itself while still bringing up interresting and thought provoking ideas. It was ahead of its time and brought me into Cyber Punk 8o)

    I wished I would stand by my ideals as that "Old Punk" did, never give/giving up raging against the machine 8o)

    greetings from austria, best known for its history and fine wine... feels like a wine cellar on a graveyard 8-)


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      A lot of people find Matt Frewer annoying, but I for one love his work. I don't think I've seen anything he's done that I've disliked. He was one of the only high points of Taken (an ironically apt term to describe those who would purchase the DVD set).

      His best line in that miniseries: "I've been wanting to do this since you were twelve."
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        You definately should not see the made for tv Sherlock Holmes movies he did. That would really damage some of your respect for him I mean I still think he is amazing and everything and I have to say that the only thing I have seen him in that has been terrible were these Holmes films. They released them in a really inexpensive DVD set which I picked up for about $5 and now I know why it was so inexpensive!


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          My favorite non G'kar role for Andreas was that of the Romulan Tamalok on Star Trek, the Next Generation. My gods but he was a smarmy and arrogant bastard there, GREAT role for him!
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            Yeah, he was pretty cool in that role. I also just remembered that he was the "One-Armed Man" in the Fugitive with Harrison Ford as well. It's funny that I had seen him in tons of stuff before B5 but it wasn't until afterwards that I would recognize him (which is especially weird since he was always wearing lots of latex in B5 and stuff). It's a shame he hasn't done more shows/films since B5. I'd hate for him and Peter to be type cast.


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              Originally posted by ipeters
              It's a shame he hasn't done more shows/films since B5. I'd hate for him and Peter to be type cast.
              From what I've heard, Andreas is semi-retired. Peter is teaching college someplace East...possibly South Carolina? Not sure.

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