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    I know that this willl be for UK fans really but Collectormania 8 at Milton Keynes looks really good this time around, with several legitimate legends of SF, such as ADAM WEST, ROBERT ENGLUND, WILLIAM SHATNER and GIL GERRARD. What other event will boast of having BATMAN, FREDDY KREUGER, CAPTAIN KIRK AND BUCK ROGERS all at one venue...Can't wait!

    find it at

    Also, in November we will have a rare chance to meet George 'King Of The Zombie Movie' Romero and Dawn Of the Dead star Ken Foree as well as Gerry Anderson and from Superman II Jack O'Halloran and Sarah Douglas and B5's own Claudia Christian (I have met her many times but my girl - FireBird - hasn't so she is thrilled.) This will be at

    PS Sarah Douglas and Ken Foree, of course, both have the added filip of having been B5 guest stars.
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