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    On the radio this morning I heard that Director Robert Wise has died of heart faliure, aged 91.

    If I remember correctly he directed THE SOUND OF MUSIC and WEST SIDE STORY, as well as the SF Classics...THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. He was also resposible for the first STAR TREK movie and the recent and much better re-working of same.

    My personal favourite from his films is the one I've cited above, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. In it, I see many B5-type qualities, like the elegance of phrase and quiet dignity that the Michael Rennie character has which almost remind me of G'Kar, and how the story happens to be SF almost by accident!

    I know that I am not really expressing it very well so I hope that others will be able to understand.

    What a talented man, and what a loss to film making.
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    Originally posted by LightStorm
    What a talented man, and what a loss to film making.
    Thanks for letting us know, LightStorm. That is sad indeed. There's a pretty good article about him here from IMDB for those interested. He certainly left a wonderful legacy of films.

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      I saw the day the earth stood still on Filmfour's "magic hour" between 6 and 8 pm a few years back. I'd heard a lot about it but hadn't got around to watching it until then. I was most impressed. A sad loss indeed.
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