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  • Sin City

    Has anyone else seen Sin City yet?

    Movie was OUTSTANDING. It really captured the feel of the graphic novels.

    And, Jessica Alba was, as usual, beautiful.
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    yeah - saw that one a few weeks ago - awesome!

    How did it do at the theaters though? A bunch of friends of mine, who arent comic or graphic novel readers found it hard to follow...

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      It was awesome!
      Although I found two of the story threads a bit long.
      I think 90 minutes would have been sufficient as well.
      A great source of amusement for me were the girls who sat in the audience and shrieked or jumped whenever something happened.
      Perhaps they should have placed a hint or two about the story concerning Dwight and Miho going back a bit longer to make people realize why it was exactly her who saved him from the tar pit. But it's not like it's really nescessary...

      And Jessica Alba is cute. But Devon (Miho) is HOT...
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        I made a thread about this film earlier in the year before it was released. I thought I would love it, but in the end it was too surreal for me. Nothing wrong with it artistically, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Great direction, great performances, just a nice piece of work that I don't happen to like.
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          I liked it, no, I LOVED it. But I guess you must be a little Crazy to love something like Sin City... it's brutal, it's raw, it's pure Noir (on Steroids). But be warned: Don't go to the theatre if you are easily shocked (by religious or violent content).

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            Originally posted by Harrdy
            "Old man dies. Little girl lives. Fair trade"...
            That got said twice, by the same character.
            "Ivanova is God!"