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War with Iran - when?

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    Iran is an oil state with large areas of sun-heated desert over which the wind blows constantly. It does not need nuclear power.

    In the 1970s I heard that Iran was building 20 nuclear reactors, then I knew that they were planning to build a nuclear bomb. Sufficient to play a game of find the pebble under the 3 thimbles with nuclear fuel.

    The reactors were cancelled after the revolution. Building restarted during the Iran/Iraq War - when the generals had told the Ayatollahs what was actually going on.

    Peaceful nuclear power stations are built in the open, some of the new Iranian installations are underground and at secret locations.

    The Iranians are building a nuclear bomb.
    Andrew Swallow


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      Like I said. You can get the needed materials cheaper and with less effort.
      But who knows...
      What's up Drakh?