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Any Monty Python Fans?

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  • Any Monty Python Fans?

    If any of you guys like Monty Python, you have to check out Spamalot! I saw it a few months ago and It is freaking hilarious. I hear they have a soundtrack out, check out some clips

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    Alas, as with so many other things, I live out near the hind end of the earth (I won't say it is the earth's arse, but I have seen giant enema tubes coming out of the sky on occasion toward a spot not far away) and don't get much opportunity to see such things as Spamalot or even anything remotely resembling Broadway until such time as it actually makes it to DVD (and sometimes it is a strong hunt then!).

    But, should I ever get a chance, I would LOVE to see it. Lots of Tony nominations, I have seen! Plus, it has the Monty Python debut of Tim Curry (anyone want to do the Time Warp in his honor?).
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      they have a soundtrack out, it may be something you want to check out. it's got old and new songs, i enjoy it.