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    are there any foreign film fans here? i actually recently saw Reconstruction which was brilliant! its a Swedish film about the challenges of true love.

    has anyone else heard of it?

    i found the link to the trailer if you wanna check it out:

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    My favourite used to be a french film called Betty Blue.


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      Reconstructionà! Not even I have seen that movie and IÆm from Sweden. That movie didnÆt make much fuzz in Sweden, but the actress Maria Bonnevie is always doing a good job.


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        Funy, foreign would be american for me
        Anyway, I don't know which films get translated, but I guess when they show up in the IMDB then they are avaliable in america.

        "Liegen lernen" ( is one of the films I would recommend. It is a story about growing up intermixed with memories of the DDR. Quite a view from the "common people" there.

        "Kebab Connection" ( would be one of the better funnies. It plays with german-turkish-greek misunderstandings and ideas. It also is the first german Kung Fu Film 8-)

        "The man who sued God" ( from Down Under is also one of my favorites. If you liked The Royal Tennenbaums you might like this film. It is funny and IMHO not anti-religious at all (but of course hundrets of christian Fundis have bojcotted it whithout watching it).

        "Lola rennt" ( is another interresting experiment. You take a situation, adrenalin, a bit of surrealism and you get one of the fresher films from germany.

        "7 Zwerge" ( is one of the movies I would be interrested to watch in english. I don't know if the german humor (a lot of slapstick and word-fun) could be translated, so I would very much like to see the result. I am not even sure if it was translated, but it shows up in the IMDB, so here you go. The one film which continued the tradition of Cabarett, which is sadly a dying art. You can't compare it to prior films of that genre (they are just so much better), but there is not much of that kind of film anymore. Anyway, here you got every major Comedian from Germany, Otto (the Classic one), Helge Schneider ("Katzenklo"), R³diger Hoffmann, Harald Schmidt (a small cameo), Mirco Nontschew, Boris Aljinovic, Markus Majowski, Heinz Hoenig, Ralf Schmitz and Atze Schr÷der. Not to forget the legend herself: Nina (na na na) Hagen (en en en)! Again: I am not sure how the humor translates, so it might be one of the most stupid films ever for you, but then again: It was never about making sense 8o) ("In JENER Nacht!")

        Have fun and PeAcE
        greetings from austria, best known for its history and fine wine... feels like a wine cellar on a graveyard 8-)


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          One of my favorite films was filmed in Australia, a relatively unnoticed film here in America called "Rabbit Proof Fence". It lets you know the kind of life the children who where half aborigine and half English had. Not a good one from my point of view.
          "Ivanova is God!"


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            Speaking of films from down under, anyone familiar with "The Dish"? A lovely little character piece set against the backdrop of the Apollo 11 mission. Great fun.
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              Anyone see this one yet? It is only about 15 minutes but all hell broke loose here last november when the producer/director was killed because of it.

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                Lola Rennt, or "Run Lola Run" was a great movie, a very science-fictional feel to it (but maybe I'm biased).
                Another German movie I enjoyed was "Good Bye Lenin!" < >

                In the vein of alternate stories there was one called "Twice Upon a Yesterday" (or "The Man With Rain in His Shoes") < >, in English but being a European production it counts as "foreign."

                Sliding Doors < >
                In that same vein of alternate stories, but a co-production of the UK and the USA, only counts as foreign to the latter for being set in the former.

                And of course, even while I was in the USA I could say that the movies were in a foreign language for me, but now it's also completely true that all USA films are foreign, ... so let me tell you of some national for me that are foreign to you:

                Como Agua Para Chocolate < >
                Based on a novel by Laura Esquivel from the "magical realism" current of Borges, GarcÝa Marquez, etc. A great story.

                Y Tu Mamß TambiÚn < >
                Another great story about growing up and a road trip.

                Amores Perros < >
                I like to describe this one as "three stories of love and dogs that come crashing together before you know it," but most descriptions you might read will give away how and when they relate.

                El Crimen del Padre Amaro < >
                A very dramatic movie, not as good maybe, but the theme made it quite controversial in MÚxico.

                La Ley de Herodes < >
                Funny movie, full of political criticism and satire, and a too close too reality reflection of the political corruption that reigned in MÚxico when one party (the PRI or "party of the institutional revolution" which is an oxymoron) controlled everything. You might miss some of the "in" jokes being unfamiliar with MÚxico's history but still it has lots of fun moments.
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